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a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

(Pic of Jayce with Elder and Sister Cook from S. Thompson), it was kind of funny because there was like a line of missionaries who just kind of kept jumping in between them to get a picture!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In a couple of days!!!!!!) :)
We received so many trainings this week end. We had a Mission Conference on Friday and then District Conference on Saturday and Sunday. One thing I leaned the most about was love! Elder Cook was so happy and you could tell he really cared and loved us even though he did not know us personally and becasue of that literally every missionary is trying to do exactly what he said because of that love that we all felt from him. One thing we learned was that our personal study should be focused on our investigators. He said when he was a mission president he would ask his missionaries, what are you studying and they would respond oh the Old Testament and Elder Cook would respond, “Oh how selfish of you!” :) Then we all practiced doing a little personal study and focusing on an investigator and practicing. This is something that I definitely need to do better. So my gift to the Savior this year instead of being reading the Book of Mormon focusing on the Savior, I am going to read and study and look for specific scriptures through out the Book of Mormon focusing on my investigators. (So if you could change that for me that would be great!)
4 of 5 Arizona Elders: Montgomery, Tilley, Wilhelm, Chatwin
Top- Elders Montgomery,Tilley, Wilhelm, Chatwin
Second - Moms- Montgomery, Wilhelm, Tilley, Chatwin
Third- Elders-Montgomery, Clifford, Hyde
Fourth - Moms- Clifford , Chatwin , Tilley, Wilhelm 

Yep I got to see Elder Montgomery and all the Arizona boys, our entire Mission even the missionaries from Huambo and Lubango were there which never happens. That was the first time that all the missionaries in our mission had been together since anyone can remember! So that was a lot of fun! It was a lot of fun to see Elder Borden, he is still in Lubango and has about one transfer left on his mission, so it was fun to be able to see and talk with him again.
I got the Christmas package you sent with the scripture covers and that stuff! Thanks!!! I stiff have not gotten the other one for my birthday yet though!
This is a video for bec to pump her up before her game and DURING THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One story that Elder Cook told us that was really awesome was (he was speaking in the Adult Session of District Conference) and he told us about how one time General Conference was about to start and everybody was in their seats, but President Monson was still not there and he said he wondered if they would start without the prophet, so the time came for the conference to start and it started right on time without President Monson. He then said about half way through the meeting President Monson came through one of the side doors and took his place. Afterwards they said they were wondering where he was and after conference they found out that President Monson and his wife were getting ready and Sister Monson fell and so President Monson waited with her for a while until he made sure she was ok and then he came to conference afterwards. Then Elder Cook said, "Even for the Prophet his wife was more important then General Conference!" Wow I thought that that was really powerful!! I am not sure if you have already heard that story, It sounded a little bit familiar to me, but I can not remember! Also he said that one time before general conference all the seventy were gathered and receiving training from the prophet and apostles a day or two before general conference and President Packer said "Oh there is one more thing that you need to do better!" He then said all of the seventy pulled out their notebooks again and were ready for more instruction and then President Packer said "You are not treating your wives well enough" Then he said no matter how good you treat your wives, your wife deserves better!!!  Definitely some powerful instructions I felt!
 Violin's (Lubango couple missionaries) Kretly's (Mozambique Mission President),  Abdo's (Luanda couple missionaries), Thompsons (Mission President Counselor over Angola)

Elder Cook makes up part of the Area Seventy of this part of Africa and he said that they received a call the other day from Elder Holland and Elder Holland asked specifically about Angola! And he said they talked for along time about Angola, then he just told us that the twelve are definitely aware of Angola and the people here and they are aware of the number of missionaries that are here in Angola as well! That is all he said about their conversation, but it was really cool to hear that Elder Holland talked with them specifically about us, the people and missionaries, here in Angola! 

So this week we had one of those crazy missionary stories! So we went and taught Stela and we talked a little bit about temples and the importance of families and things like that! At one point she asked us what we thought about dreams. I responded and told her that me personally I have not had a dream that I really felt really came from God, but I said that there are a lot of people who do. She then told us that the morning of the same day that we knocked on her door (we found her knocking doors) she had a dream and in this dream she said that she knew that she would encounter some "foreigners". Then she said that that afternoon we knocked on her door. She then explained and reminded us that when we knocked on her door we explained a little bit about the Book of Mormon and she told us that she had heard of the Book of Mormon before, but she did not know where from, she thought she may have heard about it when she was in South Africa, but she was not sure. She then said she thought about it for a while a remembered that somebody in her dream told her about the Book of Mormon in the dream she had!!! Pretty awesome! We did not give her a baptismal date then, but the next time we visited we gave her one. It is still very interesting though because she believes the Book of Mormon is true and she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet, but she does not know if this is the ONLY true church here on the earth today! Hmm a little bit interesting... so we have to help her understand that if Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book or Mormon is true then this is the only true church here on the Earth! But it was so awesome with the dream because she said that normally she would have shut her door for people who believed in things other then the Bible, but she let us come back because of the dream she had!

Hey Bec I just want you to know that I am your number one fan!!! Literally!!!! I know you already know, but if I could be there I would be in the stands yelling so loud cheering my hardest for you and your team, probably to the point where I would make a fool of myself and Mom and Dad would make me sit a way from them :) But that is ok that is what Older Brothers are for right!!! :) I sent you two videos Mom said that she got one of them, but I do not know if the other one went through. If it didn’t here is your pre game talk!
Here you go Bec!!! State tournament!!!! Right from the tip off, go as hard as you can!!! Give it all that you can! No regrets! Leave it all on the court!!! Do your very best!!! Eye of the Tiger!!! Go rip them apart!!!! Fist on top of the head... Remember!! :)
And Have Fun!
Good Luck I will be Praying For you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Tilley

Bye Love you
Logging Off
I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!!
Tell the fam I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a video for bec to pump her up before her game and DURING THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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