Angola Luanda Mission
a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Elder McCune and I in front of our chapel. That one picture you sent last week and you asked where it was, it was in our chapel. Our chapel is two really nice houses right next to each other. So last week I found out that Elder __ my companion from the MTC got sent home early for being disobedient. It was really sad when I found out.
I have already taught (Sunday School) once, but we are switching off with Elder McCune and the branch secretary.
We have several baptismal dates, but no one is coming to church.
The only one with real potential is a boy named João (John). He is
Adolfo and Samuels friend and they are bring him to church, he is the one that has the most potential right now.
Elder and Sister Lopes are in charge of Seminary and institute. Seminary happens in each individual branch on Saturdays. Institute happens at one of the chapels in Luanda and they have several classes on Saturdays and there are a couple different teachers. Here in Huambo we do not have seminary, we just have institute on Saturdays and we have a Sister that is called to teach, but this week she couldn’t so Elder McCune and I taught institute. It was fun! They don’t just teach seminary, they basically run the entire seminary and institute program here in Angola. That was the only thing they were called for. They came a month or two after the Abdos I think.

F.S (Felt Spirit) I have been thinking about how what changes people, specifically missionaries. Why do some missionaries come out and change completely while others do not. I initially thought it was humility, but there are very prideful missionaries that change and become completely humble so I was trying to figure out what the SOURCE OF CHANGE WAS. During our district meeting this week Elder Clifford talked about the Atonement. And I realized that that was the source of change! The Atonement. If someone really believes in Jesus Christ and the Atonement then they will change. An example: Alma the younger did not believe, even when he saw the angel he still did not fully believe and he said that he wanted to be destroyed... at this point he still did not believe in Christ and had not changed. However the minute he remembered his father talk about Christ he began to believe and then called upon the name of Christ! As soon as he began to believe in Jesus Christ and the Atonement is when Alma changed! So how do we change? Believe in Jesus Christ and the Power of the Atonement!
I am doing well. Last night we had our Branch Counsel Meeting and the first half was really good and then the second half was not very good and people kind of stopped participating and I got really stressed, but besides that I am doing well.
Transfers are this week, Elder Clifford is leaving and going to Luanda to be a Zone Leader. I am sad he is leaving and Elder Chandler is taking his spot. Elder McCune and I are staying companions. I did not get a letter from Dad... I am not sure if it did not go through or what.
Love you Mom!

(Braden) thanks for the email! It sounds like the Lord is blessing you alot!!
Keep of the great work man!
Love Elder Tilley
We need to be like President Monson always on the Lord´s Errand!
I love your family! I cant wait to meet them!
Sad that I have not even really met them:( All the more fun when I get
home I guess:)
Love you!

Mom told me that you got transfered to Pima! when I heard that my heart hurt for you man! I am for certain that the Lord knows what he is doing and I am  sure that if there is anyone that can help teenagers ... it is you! You are an inspiration to me!! I love you so much man!!! Trust in the Lord and he will take care of you... but I know you already know that! Love you man!!!
Elder Tilley

I had another picture to finish the journal entry but somehow it got erased, But I think you get the experience that happened. We found the detective guy, Manuel! It was an awesome experience. We have not been able to sit with him since but hopefully this week or the next we will be able to sit with him and his family!

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

(Jailey) This morning I ate eggs, toast and a smoothie. For Lunch I think we might go have pizza and dinner probably just toast or something like that OR  maybe nothing:)

(Mom) Elder Lopes, is the new first counselor in the Mission Presidency. He and his wife were a couple here specifically called to seminary and institute, but president just called him a little bit ago to be the first counselor. He was here this weekend, but he did not bring anything down from Luanda. President Merrill should be coming next month.
 Its for Sunday school... I did not teach this week, but I will teach this Sunday. There is a manual that we are following and we will do it until about the end of the
There is a man named Benito who is awesome and the only reason he could not be the Branch President is because he lives like 4 hours away, but he might be moving here to Huambo next month, but he is not sure... so we will see with that.
Just send cash. Thanks :) I think that would be better wouldn’t it?
Ok. No I haven’t sent you all (my pics). I have a couple cards that are filled, but I never take them out of the house. I think I have sent you most of the important ones though. I am also nervous to put sd cards into the computers sometimes because they have viruses and missionaries have lost several fotos that way as well.
 Yes I should be able to see (pictures and videos on a thumb drive if you send one)
Could you send me two chocolate chip cookie recipes! It is Elder McCune B day tomorrow so I wanted to make him some. Could you send me the one I always used to make? And one that uses butter, not Crisco. We only have butter here.
I don’t know anymore (about BYU vs ASU)… what do you think? :) I asked president about it and he told me the same thing, but one thing he said that really comforted me was that he said "I know that you will make the right decision" Maybe don’t start the process and then I will let you know next week!

Hey Bec!
To Tell you the truth I dont know about BYU. You have no idea how much I would love to go to BYU with you! The only thing is that if I go to BYU it is going to be really really expensive for me and if I go to ASU it is basically going to be free. You know what I mean? You should definitely get applying though, even if you went without me that would be such an amazing experience! I would still be your number one fan! Also if I decide to go to BYU I am not going without you so you better get applying just in case! :) Really though I really want to go with you, but I am not sure if that is the best thing for me, however BYU would probably be the best thing for you. If I was in your position I would take it in a heartbeat!!

Almost got bit again by a Dog, but it was not near as scary, just a random Dog we walked by and it jumped out barking and almost bit me, but fortunately didn’t :)
Love you Tons!!
Games On! Do you want to use a Girls Ball or a Guys Ball. Either one works for me. It will be a piece of cake either way Super Star!:)
Love You
Elder Tilley

OK thank you for the advice!!!
So how are you doing though!?
I love you a ton!!!!
Elder TIlley

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013
This is what Elder Clifford and i do in the morning to relax from the stresses of being a missionary! :)
Yes my debit card used to work. I tried it again and it was about to work, but it loaded for a long time and then said it wouldn’t work. I tried it again and the second time it said by Order of my bank I can not make the transaction or something like that. I don’t think you should send me a new card. I can figure it out when I get home…

Tell your family that I love them! Could you send this to Jailey :)
Translation: I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you Bro
Elder Tilley

I don’t think I sent you this picture yet. They are twins ones name is Adolfo and the other is Samuel. I was able to confirm the Aaronic Priesthood and ordain them Priests this week. They are 17 years old. Before they were baptized they were sure that their Mom would not accept and so they wanted to get baptized and then tell their Mom, but we told them that would not be good idea. I asked them if they believed in Miracles and they said yes. So we knelt down and prayed and asked that the Mothers heart would be softened and allow them to be baptized. Adolfo went on Friday the day before the baptism …to ask his mom and they talked and allowed them to make the choice and so they were baptized!
They are super strong and want to share the gospel with all their friends.
I had to talk with their Mom to ask permission to give them the Priesthood and she said yes. When Samuel heard she said yes he literally jumped and yelled for Joy! It was really cool. He said he wants us to pass by and teach some of his friends! They are awesome!

1.) If Bec can she should take it again (ACT). I wish I would have taken it more then once.
2.)  I am not sure what my ID number is. I have my student card with me, but it is at the house I think it has my number on it. I also have that form that says you can do anything for me. Will I need to fill that out and fax that to you?
3.) The Violins left along time ago probably 8-9 months ago…the Abdos are still here in Luanda.
4.) Yes we are two districts and we are in the same zone (Lubango and Huambo). The District leader is Elder Clifford and the Zone Leaders are in Lubango; Elder Kearney and Elder Wilson. They will travel up here by bus next week I think to do divisions and things like that. In December we will probably go to Lubango for a Zone Conference! I am excited to go see everyone again!
5.) Busses are a lot cheaper (than flying)! Our bus ride (from Luanda to Huambo) was not too bad. I slept most of the way. There was a lady next to me and I talked to here about the church and she even came to church once, but she lives really far away. It wasn’t too bad for us... the bus was pretty good as well. The trip to Lubango in December will probably be worse though, because the buses are worse and the roads as well.
6.) Sorry I am not a very good writer. We have a few families (in our branch). Several people that range from 30-60 yrs old that were married once before, but not any more. One man here, Beato, actually has American Citizenship. He has lived in Atlanta for along time and even was a Temple worker for like 10 years, but came here to Angola to take care of his Dad who was dying and then planning on returning, but some bad things happened and now is stuck here in Angola without any money, he had a pretty good life in the states as well. Really sad story, but he is awesome... he is the Elders Quorum President. We also have a really good group of young single adults... all boys and now two young men Adolfo and Samuel; they are all really strong! I think they really keep the branch running!
7.) The town is more civilized, a lot of buildings and statues and things like that, but Huambo was a main front in the war and so the statues have bullet holes all through them and things like that, but it is pretty cool! It is hard to take Pictures because we are not suppose to take pictures while we are proselyting, but maybe I can take some today.
8.) As of right now no. We did a lot of door knocking this week, but no new people yet.
9.) I like (the other 3 missionaries) a lot! They are a lot of fun to live with! :)
10.) I will try and send you a Journal entry next week of a cool experience we had this week.

How many (horses) do we have now?
So this week we were knocking doors and we started to go up these stairs to knock doors and we heard these two dogs running and barking and growling coming down the stairs. So we turned and ran out of there! There was a teenager who was at the bottom and said they do not bite so he led us up there and put them in this cage thing and then left. So we started to knock this door but then the dogs got out of the cage and kind of cornered us, but they were not acting really mean, a few growls here and there, but not too bad, but we did not feel safe and so we decided to slowly make our way to the stairs and go down. We got to the stairs and as soon as we started to go down them the dogs started to come at us again very angrily! I thought to myself maybe I should turn and face them to scare them. So I turned and faced them and they got scarred and retreated, but then they turned around and started to come full blast at me down the starts, they were probably only 5-8 feet away from we. I turned and just started to run and hit my companion pushing him and telling him to run as well. I was getting ready for a big bite to get taken out of my leg, but fortunately we were untouched so that was good! At least it made for a good story right? :). So are you still planning on going to BYU or what?
Keep working hard! :)
Love you Bec!! :)
Elder Tilley

Hey Pops
How are things going? I hope all is well with you! Not the Business :) You! How are you doing? :) So I wanted to write you a letter to see what you think about me going to ASU or BYU. I have been thinking about it and I know that if I go to ASU I feel like it would probably be better financially for me (with my scholarship) and my future family and also so I can be in the loop with you and the business and things like that. Honestly that is what I want to do as well, but I have been thinking a lot about it … and I wanted to know what you think?
I love you Pops!
I hope all goes well this week!
Love you!
Elder Tilley

If you could find out a little bit more about BYU this week that would be great. One thing I am nervous about is how many credits will transfer over from ASU to BYU. What I was thinking is maybe since I already have so many credit hours I could apply to get my associates and then transfer over to BYU if that is what I decide to do. I do not even know if that is possible or not, but if a lot of credits do not transfer over I think that that would probably be the best idea, because then basically all the credits that went toward my associates would have to be accepted by BYU. I am not sure who you could talk to, but if you could that would be great!
I love you Mom I hope you have a great week!!!!!
Logging off!!
Love your little missionary Son!!
Elder Tilley

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Branch President's Office

Elder Tilley and Elder McCune
I have no idea (when we will be able to watch conference), us missionaries watched Priesthood session on Sunday with a member who speaks English... it was really good. I was going to take a picture but I forgot.
(Our marriage fireside) went pretty well, yes I was able to get the pictures.
Emergency supplies (at our house?)... not really. It is a really big house, but it is a little bit older and has kind of a cabin feel to it :)
Yep :) (If I stay here the rest of my mission I won’t get to know the other missionaries or hang out with the Merrill’s).
Nope … no seniro couples here.
Not (had to eat) anything (too “odd”) recently
Yeah we can print stuff.
Debit card did NOT work again. It said my bank will still not allow it.
We have one family we are teaching Guilherme and Florença and they have a few kids. They are just waiting on marriage which should be the beginning of december... pray for them.
And Marciano and Luisa they are brother a sister they are both over 30 years old. We found them knocking doors. Luisa (drinks) so we are trying to help that situation. Marciano understands the restoration and the Book of Mormon really well, but they have not come to church for two weeks now. Their mom is Pentecostal and she is a little bit ...:), she thinks that her kids have evil spirits and things like that, but we are trying to overcome that as well... and that is basically all the investigators that we have for right now.
This past week everyone got sick though except for Elder McCune. So we had a few days out of commission, but hopefully things will start to pick up this week.
FS. I gave a training about forgiveness last week and there was an investigator of the other Elders who said that the training really touched him and he wants to come back to church... that was his first time coming to church. I was glad that the Spirit entered his heart and helped to change his heart.

Hey Bro how is it going?
Hey so in my Branch I am teaching a class on how to teach people:) I was just wondering if you could give me some ideas of good teaching techniques or what you think would be good for me to teach these future teachers... thanks!
Love you all tons!!
Elder Tilley

Hey bro!
That sounds like quite some deal you got going on! keep working on those hymns. Make sure you practice some sacrament hymns... those ones will definitely be really useful for you in the future!!
Let me know if there is anything I can do for you or if I can write to you about anything!!
Keep up the great work!! Careful with the ladies! :)
I love you man!!!
Elder Tilley