Angola Luanda Mission
a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

… my companions name is Elder Rainbolt and he is American. I am living in the city right now, so not much of a Jungle really, but we went on a Safari today and saw wildebeest elephants, zebra and a giraffe so that was pretty cool. Still working on getting a new house.

Thanks Dad for the letter! Your letters always keep me going! I told my companion about some of the letters you send me and how they always pump me up!  And now he always asks me, did your dad send a pump up letter? And I pretty much have always responded yes!!! Don’t think that there is any pressure on or anything, I just wanted to let you know that your letters really do help me press forward thanks so much!! I think I am going to have to respond to your questions this next Monday, so maybe remind of those questions that you have thanks!! Love you!! Elder Tilley

I am doing well, things have been frustrating with the house we are living in because one day the generator doesn’t work, than we fix that than we run out of water, than our air conditioner breaks, than once we get everything figured out generator breaks again, so tonight will be hot night! But the work is going well we have 5 people right now that have a baptismal date! So that is really good we have 4 people for the 16 of June and 1 for the 23 so that is really exciting! This week we have also taught the plan of salvation more and I told about the Atonement and I just felt really good and I was definitely feeling the Spirit! I have been praying for you very hard this week that the Lord will help you and lift your Burdens and I hope you have been able to feel my prayers. Yeah I am adjusting pretty well, but some days are harder than others. The Lord has definitely been helping me and blessing me though!

Food here really actually isn’t very scarce here, and the food is actually really good for the most part. I eat a lot more when I am at a members house for dinner than when I am at home. IT is really hard to make good food on our own because of our house issues and lack of time, but food is not really a
big concern.

…I wrote a response last week and than the Internet shut off and erased that part and all I had time for was to log on send what I had and than it turned off again, sorry! I am learning so many things all at once it is pretty crazy! One of the main things i have learned though is apply the scriptures in our
lives. For example a lot of times we have a scripture study and we learn about some principle and after the study we close the scriptures and maybe right down what we learned and than we walk away and do not really thing about it the rest of the day. I have learned that after we learn something we need to think of a way that we can specifically apply that principle in our lives that day or that week etc. And maybe we can not do that everyday or even after every scripture study, but I think we need to do that often. I learned this a few weeks ago when I was having a hard time and I would read the scriptures and find something that would help, and while I was reading it I would think sweet this is going to help me, but than an hour later I would forget about this principle and I was still having a hard time, so I leaned that I needed to write down specifically what I was going to do that day to apply that principle. I hope that makes sense, (I do not have time to proof read it) The Safari was awesome! IT was way fun! We did not see any predator type animals, but we saw a giraffe, zebras, elephants, wildebeest and things like that! Also we got to feed wild monkeys so that was fun!! Also my camera battery lasted the entire time so I was able to take pictures, so that was good!!

I think I was able to answer all of your questions this time! I hope I did not miss any! I love you so much Mom!! Thanks for all you have done for me and for all that you have taught me!! You are an awesome, wonderful mother!! As I hear about other missionaries mothers, I continually think "man my mom is sooooooo Awesome!!!" I love you Mom, keep up all the great work you do for our Family!! Love you!!! Elder Tilley Love you!!!            Logging off

Quicama Park for Preparation Day

We first visited Quicama Park back in January with the missionaries who were serving in the Luanda area.  Since that visit, we have more new missionaries and they had the opportunity this week to visit the wildlife park for themselves.  It was quite a surprise when we entered the park to find this beautiful giraffe off to the right side of the road quietly munching on the tree leaves.  We were ecstatic and took more than our share of pictures of him eating.  The giraffe let us photograph him as long as we kept our distance.  Elder McAllister quickly handed me his camera for a more personal picture.  We were hoping this was a good sign that we would be seeing lots of animals in the park that day!

Once we got past the electrified fence (just like Jurassic Park) ... All was ready and waiting for us, so Elders Perry, Tilley, Richter, and Hansen climbed aboard for the window view.  Little did they know that they would constantly be whacked on the arms and legs by passing tree branches. ...What a ride!

In addition to the giraffe, we saw two different herds of zebras with some giant sable antelope, and two elephants that were throwing mud on their backs to escape the heat of the sun.  The truck we rode in was noisy, but we were able to get to places remote and choked with vegetation to find all the animals we saw.  It was the best preparation day yet!

After the safari tour, we stopped and ate our lunch with a view to die for.  We were up the hill from the Kwanza River.  The blue of the water and the green of the surrounding fields and trees were all stunning.  Elders McAllister, Tilley, Wilhelm, and Hobbs relaxed and enjoyed the view.  Elder Kearney and Elder Hansen successfully got the monkeys to eat out of their hands. ...All the missionaries had a great, memorable day including (back row) Elders Wilson, Wilhelm, Perry, Hansen, (front row) Elders Kearney, McAllister, Richter, Tilley, Hobbs, and Chandler.

After a full morning of touring the park, we left the animals behind and stopped at this huge Imbondeiro tree.  It towered over us and is the icon tree of Angola.  Elders McAllister, Chandler, Tilley (at trunk of tree), Wilhelm, Hansen, Perry, Kearney and Wilson all had a great first safari in Angola!

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