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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Thanks mom for the update. Sorry if I seem a little board. Sometimes I just get stressed when I email because we do not have a lot of time to email so it gets a little stressful. I forgot to comment on Jeffs little story last week!!! That was sooo funny!!  Ha Preston making fun of my dance moves!! nice!!  When I get back I will have to show him how to dance like an African!!!!
Elder Montgomery got here on Saturday and it was really a miracle that he got here, because the plane had a little layover in Namibe, another city, but no body knew about it, but he got here alright! Oh I got the package by the way thanks so much for the Ipod and everything. Everything works great with what you gave me except the camera cord does not fit my camera, but don’t worry about it because there was a random camera cord laying around at our house here in Lubango that fits my camera! So that worked out nicely! But everything else works great thanks so much!!
Things are going really well though. My Portuguese is coming along. I can pretty much communicate and say what I want to, but sometimes it is hard to really express what I want to say and my feelings. Also it is still hard to understands people sometimes. I still make a lot of mistakes when I speak, but I am pretty confident.
So on Saturday afternoon The Branch President called us and asked us to give talks because the people he had chosen had left to Luanda. So we did not have alot of time to prepare, but I gave about a 10 minute talk on the blessings we receive from forgiveness as well as how we need to forgive others. I know this is definitely something I need to work on and I think that is why I gave a talk on it. Also I taught Gospel Principles and I taught about Fasting, and one of the members started to teach some false doctrine so it was a little bit weird but it turned out alright! This is my companion by the way!

2:52-No you did not tell me that... haha thanks! Yeah language is still hard but going well. Just (pray for my) spiritual strength really and I still need the gift of tongues and understanding like always! But I am doing pretty well.
With the Lords help we are really starting to turn Lubango around.

2:59-Hey bec how is it going!? I am doing pretty well! Nice those are some pretty good teachers! Anderson is a way cool guy! and stone is a really good teacher! Carazosa is he a Spanish teacher? Interesting guy but does not give a lot of homework so that is nice!
I heard you got your ears pierced!! What is up with that!!?  Haha just kidding!! Mom sent me a picture and they look good!!! Pretty much the worst thing here that I have eaten is funge which is that stuff I told you about on Mothers day! That is the only cool story I got for right now. Its blue by the way! Hope you are doing well with school and everything! Keep up the great work and remember to stay with a good group of friends. It is crazy how much friends really affect the way we think and act! Love you so much!! Keep it up!

(Dad) Thanks dad for the update! I will try and send more pictures and stuff! But it is hard because we are not suppose to take pictures while we are proselyting, but I will see what I can do! Love you pops!!! Mom is telling me about all the hard work that you are doing! Thanks for all the physical and spiritual uplifting that you give our family and me!
Love you!

Hey mom I am not sure how I missed this one, but are Josh and Jalin having a boy or a girl?
Mom, So I never asked. How do you like Chelsey now that you have gotten to know her better? (Maybe this one is personal and should not put on the blog :) Just out of curiosity did you get the address for Luanda to send packages and stuff from the Waltons? Oh and I got sister Heilmans letter tell her thanks!!
Love you so much! Tell everyone that I love them!!!!
Elder Tilley

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