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a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Braden, I have been shaken this week Bro!! But I am ready to get out there and do the one two combo and chop some arms off and save the Lords sheep of Angola!

1.) Yes all 4 Elders email at the same time and same place
2.) Yep I got the pictures of the new horses, yep you can send them!
3.) D and C 121: 7-8 is the scripture to put on plaque

So you want to know how I am doing!? Hmm well as long as you don’t freak out!!! This week I got Malaria! It was actually just the beginning stages called and its called Paludismo, basically the first few steps of Malaria. (I am doing a lot better now and should be out working tomorrow). So it started Tuesday night and I started to get a headache, but I thought it would just pass. But I got home that night and it started hurting worse so I took some advil and went to bed. The next morning had to take some more advil, but my headache just kept getting worse and worse. My companion called the Violins and they told me to go to the Clinic here. So I went to him and he took a couple of tests and it turned out that I got Poludismo. We had to wait for about an hour to see the test results and my head just started to throb. But we took the test results back up to the Doctor and he saw that I was in a lot of pain so he said that they have something will take away my headache, but it is a little painful.  I did not know what he meant by painful, but he decided to give it to me. (I still did not know what this thing was that they were going to give me to get rid of my headache). Turns out that it was a shot, so I saw it and thought no big deal I will take a shot if it gets rid of my headache. So I go into the room with another Doctor and I ask him if I can lie down while he was getting the shot ready he said yes. So I laid down, and then he comes over and tells me to lay on the other side, so I get up and start putting my head on the other side of the bed and he said no the other way. At this point I kind of got mad at him because my head was killing me and he was making me move around and making it worse! But finally he was clear and told me that I needed to lie on my stomach. As soon as the words came out of his mouth I figured out why this shot was going to hurt more then normal, but I was still hoping that I was wrong. My thoughts were confirmed when he told me to be calm, and then he gave me the shot right in the rear end!!! Talk about a dead bum cheek afterwards!! I hope you are laughing because I was and my companion was especially when I had to limp out of the Doctors office! Also the Branch President was there with us and he was making funny of me saying that they stabbed me in the rear end so that I would stop thinking about my head!! It was actually a really funny experience!! So I stayed in bed for two days (Wednesday and Thursday) and then I had to stay in side for the most part Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I was feeling a lot better. I am feeling a lot better now, I get really tired a lot faster, but  I am aloud to go out and do Missionary stuff this week.
High points of the experience, though were that I got to talk a lot with Elder Montgomery because we did some exchanges so that my companion did not go crazy just staying in the house for several days.
Also President Kretly and Mission President of Mozambique called me and talked with me for a while about how I was doing and how Lubango is going, he is actually coming here to Angola this week and will come to Lubango next week. So the whole Mission President situation is kind of weird, because President Walton (since he was a Mission President of Portugal) he had the keys to be a Mission President so when he was hear we pretty much ran separately from Mozambique, but now since President Thompson technically does not have keys, President Kretly is technically our President. I am not sure how connected he will be to Mozambique when President Thompson actually gets here, but that is the reason he called me. I think President Thompson is the one is doing transfers though so he will be the acting President of Angola. 

So that was my week how was yours!! :)

That is pretty crazy about the house that would be soo cool! I am doing a lot better now. I try and keep the spirit with me as much as possible. Missionary work does not go very well without the spirit. I am really trying to channel my thoughts sometimes it is difficult, no surprise there; :) But in my scripture study I have been studying more about Patience and trying to apply it to my life. I find it very interesting though because any time I start studying a Christ Like attribute that I want to work on I realize that it starts with my thoughts! If I want to be more Patient it starts with my thoughts if I want more charity towards others it starts with my thoughts! Thanks for teaching me the importance of keeping my thoughts clean since a very young age! It has really helped me out here in The Mission Field! Thanks so much Pops! Love you!! Elder Tilley

So yep I am adjusting well. Pretty much everything is normal now! Bucket showers, no energy, no water...etc pretty much normal now! When I wake up it just depends on the day! I never dread it, but someday are a lot more exciting then others! Probably the times that I feel the most Joy are during Scripture study and during lessons that the Spirit is definitely present. Also when people do what you ask them to, brings so much joy because I know how much it will bless their lives, so when I see them living the Gospel I get so happy and filled with Joy!
I am doing pretty well except the whole sickness thing that happed! Definitely do not worry about me though I am doing well!

(Oh I hope that you guys have fun on the Labor Day camp out!!!) I bet you guys thought I forgot and you were not going to tell me that you were going this week! Ha can’t get by Elder Tilley that easily!!! Ha ha I hope you guys have a blast there, (Hopefully Chelsy does well) Don’t worry about me while you are there, Africa is way cooler then the woods!!! Elder Tilley

Braden, I have been shaken this week Bro!! But I am ready to get out there and do the one two combo and chop some arms off and save the Lords sheep of Angola!

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