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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

I'm sending a journal entry of a really cool experience I had this week!
Two missionaries came in Elder Money and Fountain. Elder Pimentel entered the MTC about the same time as Elder Chatwin, but he started serving his mission in Brazil while he waited for his Visa. He got here the end of January I think it was. He is a convert of about a year. He baptized his Dad and I think his brother or sister before he left, but his mom is still not a member. Their is another Elder from Mozambique his name is Elder Mariquele. Him and I got here at the same time in Angola, but he will leave a transfer after me because he was only in the MTC for 3 weeks because he already spoke Portuguese. (I lived with him in Lubango).
No package yet. (Are you eating live foods and exercising?) Define Live foods :) I probably need to do better. I am sill have some multi vitamins that I am taking! Our district is doing this push up work out and we walk around all day everyday:)
(Do you need anything sent?) Hmm, I think I am doing good for right now, the only thing that came to mind was garments, but I think I am doing good with garments. I do not think I need new ones yet.
(Do you want me to as President Merrill anything?) Not anything that I can think of... maybe just mention to him to start on his visa as soon as possible (you know Angola with Visas :)

(Mom) Love you too! Do you need anything? Did Sister Thompson email you or call you? I just printed out your letter to read later thanks!!
Thank you for your prayers I really did feel them this week!! Thank you so much!!! I had several experiences that helped me a lot this week!! Thank you so much I will have to tell you all of them in person :)
So I have decided that when I get home that I am going to have to continue my studies in the scriptures, Personal Study Companionship study and language study. So I was thinking that you could be my companion and then we could study Portuguese and Spanish Together what do you think? Love you Mom
Sorry if I made you and the family worry this week! Thank you for your prayers and I just want you to know that I am doing well! Thanks!
Love you to Mom!
Elder Tilley

Hey Pres!!!
How are you doing!
I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a great week!
Love you tons!!!
21 champ

That is way cool!! Keep up the great work!
This week went really well thanks for asking! I really felt your prayers this week! Sorry this is so short! I do not have alot of time!!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sparkly Buns Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Tilley

Hey man!! Thank you for the letter. I really mean it. I am not going to lie it did kind of hurt to read, but after I read your letter a talk came to my mind by Elder Christofferson and he tells a story of that man who was growing a current bush and one day this man cut the current bush down and the man thought in his mind that the current bush said "why did you cut me down? I was growing so well and beautiful" the man replied. I am the Gardener I know what I want you to be and I want you to be a current Bush." That same man was in the army and wanted a some high rank and he qualified for the high rank, but the problem was, was that he was Mormon and so he was rejected that high rank and the man went home and was angry at God for doing this to him and then the thoughts came to him that said " I am the gardener I know what I want you to be!" Then he got on his knees and repented and later in that mans life he looked back and said "Thank you God for loving me so much to cut me down!" "Thank you for loving me so much to HURT me!"

So now I just want to tell you thank you so much Josh for loving me so much to hurt me! Thank you Thank you
Love you
Elder Tilley

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