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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Normally the pics dont take anytime to load unless they are really big!

So I got the package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I put the pin drive into a little tv we have and  I saw some pictures and a video from Rach or something, but I was not able to see them. So I brought the pin drive with me so I could watch it and see the pictures, but I can not find them on the pin drive when I put it into the computer. Do you remember what you saved the pics or the video as so I can search for it! Or do you have any other ideas?
Love you :)

The Violins leave for Brazil Tomorrow! So we had a little party and played soccer! :). She (Sister Thompson) made a special call :) (about Rachel’s baby)

I made smoothies for me and Elder Chatwin! (They definitely were not bad...definitely not the greatest though, I am going to have to make some adjustments this week!

So this is the story. So Last week I thought they were inducing Rachel at the end of the week and so that is when I thought we wanted the Baby to come. So I had not specifically prayed for Rachel at that point. Then I think it was on Tuesday night Sister Thompson called and said that my prayers were answered (I was thinking what prayers?) and then she said my sister had her baby and how she felt that she had her baby because I had prayed for her. When I heard that my heart almost broke and I felt so bad because I had not prayed specifically for her. That night I was kind of beating myself up and I was recalling the things that I prayed for in my prayers that day and the day before. As I was thinking about that I remembered that Tuesday Morning, I prayed and I finished my prayer and I started to get up and I had a prompting that I should pray for my family but I did not know why. So I said another quick prayer for my family in general … I hope that was a little prompting I had that helped Rachel. Also Rachel had definitely been in my thoughts. In fact one of our investigators we sat with right before I got the call from sister Thompson and she is Pregnant and is due in two months and I told her that my sister was going to give birth in about a week. A little bit later I got the call from Sister Thompson that told me she had her baby! So I know that the Lord answers and desires of our hearts as well!
Tell them all (everyone in Thatcher) hi and that I love all of them!!!!
Do you know any smoothie recipes? :) Or at least the basics of our to make a good smoothie? The last one I made was really brothy and did not have a lot of flavor :)

This is a picture of a picture of our district before Elder Brown went to Benfica and Elder Fountain came!
(Pictures of temple with President Merrill) That was really cool!! The pictures were kind of small and they take along time to make them big, so it was just hard to really see the faces, but I am sure they do!
ok the first one off the top of my head is " what the heck is Joshy boy doing with a Mohawk!!!?"
Thank you so much mom for the letter it really helped me out! The example you gave about being on your faith mountain and falling and trying to hang on and not being able to and then feeling like Heavenly Father was not helping you and then feeling like you tried to climb the mountain and would make some progress and fall back down was exactly how I was feeling! In your letter you said I do not know if this makes sense to the person that is reading this, well it made perfect sense to me and I know that we were going through different trials but I felt like that example was exactly how I was feeling also! Thank you so much for sharing with me!!!
If you would like to... I am sure they would love them!! You spell President, Presidente, and you spell sister Irma but with Irma there is a little squiggly mark over the "a" that looks like this "~" if you look it up on google and think it should tell you alittle bit better…oh but here in Angola sometimes sister missionaries go by sister (then their last name) instead of irma (and then their last name) Sister Walton had  always like to be called Sister Walton instead of Irma Watlon and so that is what her (name tag) says. Sister Thompson likes to go by Irma Thompson so she has a tag that says Irma Thompson. So you could make one for sister Thompson that says Irma, but I am not sure which one you should do for Sister Merrill (I am not sure if that made sense) 
Yep I have met elder Money! :) I will have to tell him I know Shawn and Janae! Will he know them ?

Hey bec!!
Sorry I do not have alot of time to write again!!
But I just want you to know that I am praying for you !!!
Love you 
tell pres I am praying for him too!!!!

Hey Rach I heard you had your baby!!!!
Congrats you are in my prayers!!
Love you!!

Sorry Mom I did not have alot of time to write to day!!
But I love you and I am doing well!!!!!!!!

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