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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Elder McCune...New Companion and New Area...HUAMBO!

(From Sister Merrill) 
Good morning!
Elder Tilley just wanted me to email you and let you know all is well.  He was not able to get his weekly email sent due to connection problems...(not surprising here!!!)  He will try to catch up next week.
He is doing great as he has stepped into his new responsibility.  What a great young man..!!!
 Hope your day and week goes well.
Pennie Merrill

(This is what he got off so far ...

Well on the church records (MLS) there is only like 9 people because MLS is kind of a wreck right now in Huambo so we are trying to work with South Africa (where the church headquarters are here in Africa) to fix MLS. But we have about 30-40 members I would say. We only have a few primary kids and no Young Men or Young Women. We have about 30 people come to church every week including little kids and investigators. So there are about 5 that are inactive I would say.
(What do you do?) . . . Well basically everything... I am just a normal branch president that is a missionary as well... well technically I am a missionary first and then the Branch President... but all my responsibilities are the same. We just had our Branch Council Meeting last night and that actually went pretty well.
I am sure there is something you guys could do (for a service project), but I am not exaclty sure at the moment... do you have any ideas?
One thing I just thought of was that we are going to be having a fireside on Marriage here in two weeks. Would you be able to send me some Temple fotos of Josh or Rachel or Braden?

Thanks for the advice, I will definitly do my best to apply it!
Any interview with a girl I have, I leave the door cracked open and my companion is right outsider the door  so that we can remain in sight of each other.
Things are going pretty well. I was not too overwhelmed by the calling. Initally I was kind of scarred and worried, but nothing to big. But I had an interview with a Brother last night who explained some of the issues and problems that were happening in the  Branch and I have recognized as well, but that really put a weight on me and I am now trying to figure out and resolve.
I find it interesting that sometimes the Lord, especially since I have been the Branch President, instently gives me the revelation or the guidance that I need and then other times he makes me work for it!
One instance of this was that on Sunday I had just called a new lady to be the 1st counselor in the Primary as I was sitting up in front I felt the Spirit tell me that she needs to speak next week and the topic should be (the blessings of Tithing) right after Sacrement was over this lady came up to me and said "Would I be able to give a talk next Sunday?" In kind of amazment, I said "yes you can" She then said what is my topic? I told her that I would tell her that I would tell her later (I wanted to tell her the experience that just happened with me) So we set her apart after church and then I told her the experience I had and the topic I felt she should speak on, she was also alittle bit surpriesed and amazed at the experience as well. It was a really neat expereine  for me!
I am doing well and I hope that you all is well with you too!!
Love you Pops!!
Elder Tilley 

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