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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013

Sorry I did not get your email last week, but sister Merrill got (garments) for me. It was only like $5.50 so I just paid her. Oh and I tried to use my debit card this week and it did not work again it said the same thing (my bank will not allow me to do this transaction).
Yeah I know (my time is almost up). It kind of scares me a little bit honestly, but everything will be ok :) I liked your FS experiences this week! I had a similar one about helping others. Elder Garn is a missionary living with us he is from Burley Idaho he said he is for sure that his relatives and my dads relatives probably know each other. Anyways he had a note that said something like "don’t keep your warm and fuzzies" I kind of laughed and said what does that mean!? :) He then grabbed a book, gave me a few pages to read and so I read them and it was a story that says there were these two towns one was a happy city where all these people had these warm and fuzzies that they gave freely to other people and when you gave it to someone one it made the other person feel so good inside. The other city was a sad city where people only gave each other hard pricklies and this city was angry that this other city was so happy. So one day the sad city sent spies out to the happy city with a plan to make the happy city sad. They went to a teenager and told him to not give his warm and fuzzies because he will run out and then gave him hard pricklies to give to people and they told him that he would never run out of hard pricklies. The teenager did what the spies said and soon the happy city was giving out these hard pricklies and everyone was miserable! At that point the two cities became one city where everyone gave out hard pricklies and everyone was sad. One day there was a big up roaring in the city and a fire broke out and burned down a family’s house. Out side of the house there was a large crowed and a little girl crying because her house was burned down a little bit about 5-6 years old pulled and almost dead warm and fuzzy out of his pocket and went and was going to give it to the girl, a few people saw what the boy was about to do and tried to stop him, but they were too late and the boy gave the little girl a warm and fuzzy. The Girl revived this warm and fuzzy and felt so good inside. Soon everyone started to give each other warm and fuzzies again and the city became a happy city once again. That may seem like a funny story, but it really touched me, and so the note that I started out kind of laughing about (the one that said dont keep your warm and fuzzies) turned around and become a FS experience or a warm and fuzzy for me :)
Another FS I had
This week was really good. Our area is really starting to grow and we have alot of people to teach and several people on baptismal date and hopefully a few more this week as well.  I went on a Division with Elder Montgomery and it was a really good division. I think I LEARNED more from him then he learned from me! We started to talk a little bit about our missions and something he said was "one day I just decided that I was going to really enjoy my mission" He said that he just decided one day that he was going to love being a missionary and love teaching and things like that and now he does! When he said that it really touched my heart and I felt like that was something that I needed to do! Since the Division I have been really trying to decide to really enjoy my mission and it has really helped me alot!
FS. Elder Garn and I studied the scriptures last night and it was a really spiritual enlightening experience!

(Preston) Wow that is crazy man! I guess I will not even be able to see you with braces on! bummer! Soo how is life going for you? Careful with those girls I know they are out there probably just falling over themselves for PT Cruzer, but be careful yeah?! :)
What else are you doing besides partiyng at that sweet cabin? Just school and stuff? or what!
I hope you have a great week! :) Love you Man!

Did you watch the video last week? Is that cabin the one we went to for the Stake Youth council? 

I am doing really well. It is not that I am not liking my mission it is just that I haven’t been enjoying every bit of it, if that makes sense. Obviously I love and enjoy it when things go well and we have a family baptized or a special spiritual experience, but I am trying to love and enjoy my mission even when the days are just the normal average day or even a bad day.  Also Angola is just a really hard place to live in. A lot of poverty and a lot of crime and things like that weigh you down, also missionary life can be hard sometimes, but I am doing good and all is well. Just trying to start sprinting :) Just pray for me because our area is pretty dangerous. Elder Hansen and I are fine, and haven’t had any real problems, but we are just in a dangerous part, so don’t worry but just keep us in your prayers for that :)
Love you Mom have a great week!
Tell dad I loved his letter and sorry for not writing back! I love you all!!
Elder Tilley

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