Angola Luanda Mission
a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Elder McCune and I in front of our chapel. That one picture you sent last week and you asked where it was, it was in our chapel. Our chapel is two really nice houses right next to each other. So last week I found out that Elder __ my companion from the MTC got sent home early for being disobedient. It was really sad when I found out.
I have already taught (Sunday School) once, but we are switching off with Elder McCune and the branch secretary.
We have several baptismal dates, but no one is coming to church.
The only one with real potential is a boy named João (John). He is
Adolfo and Samuels friend and they are bring him to church, he is the one that has the most potential right now.
Elder and Sister Lopes are in charge of Seminary and institute. Seminary happens in each individual branch on Saturdays. Institute happens at one of the chapels in Luanda and they have several classes on Saturdays and there are a couple different teachers. Here in Huambo we do not have seminary, we just have institute on Saturdays and we have a Sister that is called to teach, but this week she couldn’t so Elder McCune and I taught institute. It was fun! They don’t just teach seminary, they basically run the entire seminary and institute program here in Angola. That was the only thing they were called for. They came a month or two after the Abdos I think.

F.S (Felt Spirit) I have been thinking about how what changes people, specifically missionaries. Why do some missionaries come out and change completely while others do not. I initially thought it was humility, but there are very prideful missionaries that change and become completely humble so I was trying to figure out what the SOURCE OF CHANGE WAS. During our district meeting this week Elder Clifford talked about the Atonement. And I realized that that was the source of change! The Atonement. If someone really believes in Jesus Christ and the Atonement then they will change. An example: Alma the younger did not believe, even when he saw the angel he still did not fully believe and he said that he wanted to be destroyed... at this point he still did not believe in Christ and had not changed. However the minute he remembered his father talk about Christ he began to believe and then called upon the name of Christ! As soon as he began to believe in Jesus Christ and the Atonement is when Alma changed! So how do we change? Believe in Jesus Christ and the Power of the Atonement!
I am doing well. Last night we had our Branch Counsel Meeting and the first half was really good and then the second half was not very good and people kind of stopped participating and I got really stressed, but besides that I am doing well.
Transfers are this week, Elder Clifford is leaving and going to Luanda to be a Zone Leader. I am sad he is leaving and Elder Chandler is taking his spot. Elder McCune and I are staying companions. I did not get a letter from Dad... I am not sure if it did not go through or what.
Love you Mom!

(Braden) thanks for the email! It sounds like the Lord is blessing you alot!!
Keep of the great work man!
Love Elder Tilley
We need to be like President Monson always on the Lord´s Errand!
I love your family! I cant wait to meet them!
Sad that I have not even really met them:( All the more fun when I get
home I guess:)
Love you!

Mom told me that you got transfered to Pima! when I heard that my heart hurt for you man! I am for certain that the Lord knows what he is doing and I am  sure that if there is anyone that can help teenagers ... it is you! You are an inspiration to me!! I love you so much man!!! Trust in the Lord and he will take care of you... but I know you already know that! Love you man!!!
Elder Tilley

I had another picture to finish the journal entry but somehow it got erased, But I think you get the experience that happened. We found the detective guy, Manuel! It was an awesome experience. We have not been able to sit with him since but hopefully this week or the next we will be able to sit with him and his family!

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