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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

I am trying to send pics, but they are not going through
Elder Tilley in Chianga
(Bec)  Hey how are things going this week? How were try outs?
So two funny stories. One was that we went to this zoo and there were some horses that were free roaming and I went and started to pet one of them and it was a little jumpy but nothing too bad, but then it swung its leg sideways and almost kicked me right in the back! The best part was that Elder Whitaker got it all on camera. I am not sure if I will be able to send it to you guys but I will try next week.
Also sometimes here in Huambo we are allowed to ride motorcycles to get around the city because there are not a lot of taxis, so we had to use them and all four of us missionaries were together on four separate motorcycles and I told the drivers that we needed to stay together. I was in front and we started going and my driver decided to go a different way and the ones behind me did not follow! :) So we got separated for about 5 minutes and then we met back up, so that was pretty intense!
         So how is applying for BYU going. Mom mentioned that you are not 100% if you want to go or not, but you should at least apply and just see if you get accepted and then make the decision from there. You will not have to make a final decision until February or March I think...
         Definitly stinks that I will miss (Girls basketball state playoffs) by a few days... pretty lame!!!! Dont worry about one on one... you got no chance! :) I hope that you are doing well!! Love you!
Sparkly Buns Power!! 
Elder Tilley

Yes I could see it (video clip of Preston playing the piano), but the computer I am on will not let the sound turn up, but his fingers look good :)
I am not sure (if I do tithing settlement) I was going to ask President Merrill here in a couple weeks.
(Do they have Christmas like us? Santa, Lights, Candy canes etc.) Kind of... they have that stuff but Christmas is not celebrated here in Angola like it is in the states. I had one investigator ask me what do people celebrate the 25th of December. She knew it has to do with Christ, but had no idea that we were celebrating his birth. Most people at least know.
(My package) was the one with the Hawaii shirt and the hot chocolate and dried apples.
They sent down some materials by bus the other week and sent the package with it. No one came (to see us).
(How have your shirts and shoes lasted so long)? No I dont know what that is about. I have actually taken really good care of most of my stuff, so it has not worn out as fast. I should be good with everything until the end of my mission

Part of a letter I sent to a friend I thought you would like to post on the blog:
I have seen the Priesthood session and most of the Saturday morning session which were really good! I really liked President Uchtdorfs talk!
Haha yeah getting Malaria wasn’t that fun! It was pretty miserable, but
all good in the end! I have found that my trials have helped me so much to grow, but also they have helped other people. I have already had a couple of experiences where I had finished going through a trial and then one of my investigators ended up going through the same trial and because I had just gone through the same trial I knew how to better help them!
Advice to missionaries: Start learning the language as much as possible! It will save you a lot of stress in the MTC and in the mission field!
Focus on growing your testimony. Those two things before you enter the MTC and while you are in the MTC and in the field, because with out a doubt, trials will come and your testimony in the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ will help you overcome your trials!
That is the advice that I would give!
Unfortunately there is no temple that we get to go to! I am so excited to be able to enter the Temple again though!

Rachel: Jayce, are you still on??  This is Rach.  I love you!!!!!
E. Tilley: I was looking at some of my sent emails and I thought I should write Rach and say " I love you!!!" And then I saw my inbox with your message! Thanks alot!! I love you so much!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Do you have to get off soon?
E. Tilley: 17 minutes and 40 seconds
Rachel: I don’t want to take up your time…but this is SO cool!  I don’t think i’ve ever talked to you back and forth through email.  It’s like you’re really here! :-) Joshy-boy (2 yrs old): Hey Jayce! Say hi to Jayce. Hi to Jayce in Africa. Love Joshy!
E. TilleyI loved the email! This is alot of funny!! Hi Joshy Boy! In America :)

(Dad) I am here trying to think of life lessons, but I am kind of going brain dead. But I gave a lesson this week on following the spirit while you teach! That is probably the biggest lesson I have learned in general. Being humble and listening to and following the spirit even when you think it might not work out! And surprisingly or not surprisingly if you do that it always works out!
I am glad that things are going well!! 
What is a life lesson that you learned this past week?
Let me know how you are doing! :)
Can you send this picture to Mom!? Thanks Love you!!
Elder Tilley

(Mom) I did hear about the Philippians! That is so crazy that that is where is Roxy is serving! I am sure her Mom was really scarred kind of like we were with Braden with the Earthquake! I actually tried sending her an email the other day, (I saw her singing in conference) but I don’t have her correct email address…do you want to try and get me her correct email? :) 
Love you  guys!
Logging off!

Elder Tilley and Elder McCune
(From E. Whitaker’s email)
This week was good.  One thing I like about Elder Chandler is that he knows Huambo and therefore we went on a little nature hike today and took some good pictures.  We went to Chianga.  I love Huambo; it might be the most beautiful place I have ever lived (if you look past the rundown buildings and dirt roads).  The sky is always beautiful.  The land kind of reminds me of Great Smokey Mountains National Park…I have a great district.  Elder Tilley, Elder McCune, and Elder Chandler are cool.

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