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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

So this week has been pretty crazy. On Tuesday I found out I would be singing in the MTC choir for conference. We are singing in the Saturday afternoon session. I am pretty excited!!! Then Tuesday night Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke to us, so that was fun to see another Apostle.

Tuesday night went to the airport and left at midnight. We arrived in New York at about 6, and we did not get much sleep on the plane. We then got picked up by a guy named chucky who is this big half Irish half Indian guy who was a pretty crazy driver (Typical for New York) He was not a member, but supposed any time one of the Apostles or any one like that come to New York he picks them up, so that is pretty cool. We drove to the Manhattan Temple/ Church and met with a senior couple. He took us to the second floor and took us to a back room so we couple sleep for an hour or so. That was really nice! Then we got up and walked to the Sub way and got to go to Grand Central station! That was pretty cool! We took the subway to the consulate, and we got there turned in some paper work got fingered printed signed something a left. Talk about a long trip for something so small. We then got picked up by Chucky and went to the airport and then flew home at 3:30 or so. We then got back to the MTC by about 10:45. So it was a really long day. New York was crazy thought! We were not even there for the worst time of the da, but everyone was going 100 MPR all of the time. It was crazy and to tell you the truth I got a little shell-shocked! I was actually really excited to be back in the MTC. The New York trip really helped me to appreciate the MTC more!
Thank you for fasting for me! It really means a lot! Thank you so much!
...We get $6 on a card every Wednesday so I have been trying to save up so I do not have to use my debit card. …I love hearing about all the stuff with Braden! It does remind me when Josh and Jalin were dating that is a lot of fun! I would definitely say the one in the green!! That is who I am rooting for!! I love you so much!!! Mom! Elder Tilley
Braden-Hey man I heard you were sick! Are you doing better now? I hope you are doing better. So I remember before I left that you said that the Lord will show me my weaknesses and He definitely has. It has been crazy to see how much I have learned in the past six weeks and how much I do not know. It has been really hard for me lately because I feel like I have really been shown my weaknesses, and because of this I feel like I am almost worthless and that I am not the confident/ happy self I normally am because I have all these weaknesses. I do not know if you kind of went through something like that. Yesterday I felt the Spirit a lot though and I felt a little bit more confident about myself, so that was good. I love you so much man! Keep it up with the ladies!!  Remember to keep giving me the play by play action.  Remember it took Josh awhile to convince Jalin to like him!  Haha just kidding…kind of. Love you man keep up the great work! Elder Tilley
…So there was an Elder here named Elder Tappen who left to Brazil a week or maybe two ago and one of the Elders here got an email from him that said his trainer in the Mission field knows me and his name is Tanner Peterson! Pretty crazy!! Anyways I will get back on in a little bit and see if there are any replys.

… I think I am here at the MTC the best time ever because one we got to here Elder Holland and Elder Oaks, then we are here for Conference, then we are here for Easter, which at the MTC is similar to Christmas except it is not as sad to be here, and a General Authority is going to come and we are going to have the Sacrament with him with the entire MTC also we get to sing in the Choir. I think I am in the MTC at the best time! I am not sure if anyone else is in the Choir I know or not. I am not sure…. Yeah it is so cool that I get to sing in Conference on your Birthday hopefully you will be able to see me! That would be fun!!

Yes Elder Whilhem the Carmichael’s nephew came to New York with me. Him and the other Elder, Elder Hansen are really good Elders and really want to share the gospel. It is going to be a lot of fun. I have to go now, but I love you so much! Thanks Mom for being sooooo Awesome. I love You!!!!!!

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