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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

 … I am not sure why I was chosen (interview with the Brazilian newspaper). They just called us over the intercom one day and told us to go to this specific room, so that was pretty cool. I will try and get on my email one more time today in the next half hour or so, before I am off for the day, just incase you want to know anything else or if anyone else responded! Love you guys!!

…Yes I did get to see myself sing (in General Conference), I just got onto and skipped to the singing part. I am glad I was a good shot of me for you guys to see. I was really praying that there would be a good shot of meJ. We practiced every morning for about an hour for the past week and a half or so. We took the bus to the conference center at 9:45 AM and listened to about an hour of the first session on the bus. We got to the center and went to in a side room and practice for a while. Then we went through some tunnels and entered into the conference center. IT was really cool to see everything from the choir seats. After the session we walked back through the tunnels and got back to the busses and got back to the MTC just before the Priesthood session started. We were not aloud to take anything with us to the conference center so I could not take notes, so I was not able to take notes for all of the Saturday sessions, so that was not very fun. … Russell M. Nelson came up and talked to us for just a little bit. So that was fun. Because I was in the second row, I could not see any of the Apostles or prophet very well, I could not really see the pulpit either, so that was kind of a bummer. I could see and read the transparent glass that they use for their talks though. It was kind of weird though because I could read part of their talk before they even said it. Yes, I did know (David Archuletta) he was right in front of me. I actually talked to him for a little bit. He is a really shy person believe it or not, but I think he is a really good kid. He was been the talk of the town here at the MTC. They did seating arrangements by height so that is just kind of how it worked out. I probably could have tried to stand next to him, but I didn’t. that is pretty cool that my picture was in the Desert News! I think my favorite talk was the one that talked about Judging others. I am not sure who it was by. I do not know why, but it was really hard to get what I normally get out of Conference when I am home. But it was really nice to hear the Prophet’s and Apostles voices.

We go to the Temple every Monday morning, and if we do a session it is normally the 7:20 session, but sometimes we do initiatory or sealing’s. (Africa) I am really excited and scarred, both at the same time!! J It is kind of a weird feeling, but I really want to go and start trying to teach people at least! J I have not heard anything else about my visa. When I went to New York I got a paper that said I would leave on my departure date. When I went to New York I just went and signed for it, so once it is processed they will send it to the MTC I think, but I will not know if my visa got here until about a week before I leave or so.

I love you Mom! Sorry for all of the stupid things I did before my Mission that would make you and Dad worry about me. I have really started to see how awesome our family really is. It is incredible how you and Dad have raised us! Thank you so much!! Love you! Your Son Forever!!!
Elder Tilley

Elder Knighton
Braden,…So do you want to teach me a little bit about what you know or believe about the Spirit of the Law and the letter of the law. It has been hard for me because I do not really understand it yet. My companion is a great missionary and is really trying his best, but sometimes does not see the need to be on time to different things, and things like that, and I feel that it would be just better to go along with then to have contention arise and drive away the Spirit. Also a lot of times I am in bed saying prayers and I finish my prayers past 10:30.  I am constantly feeling like I am not being exactly obedient and that I am not doing my best because of these things. Also some of the times our district is just laying in bed past 10:30 just talking, and I feel that sometimes this is when we have become closest together, but then I always feel bad because I am not being obedient. I am sure you probably had some of the same thoughts and feelings, so I just wanted to ask.
Thanks for writing me! I love you man!!
Elder Tilley

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