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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Hey mom I am on.
So Bec has been asking me about any advice I could give her about going on a Mission. I had an experience in the MTC where I just had a little impression that she would serve a mission. Do you think I should share that with her or will that stress her out and put too much pressure on her?
Love you!

Pic of me at a store right after playing soccer at President`s house!
It was an impressive Christmas tree especially for Africa!
Something really funny I found out last week is that everybody here thinks Satan Clause is Black!! Ha ha pretty funny! I guess it makes sense I have just never thought about it!! :)

1.) Elder Hansen is a great Missionary! He is a very hard worker and I think this transfer is the hardest that either of us have worked! He also has a very positive attitude and really just wants to help everyone! He is a very good Missionary and a very good companion! Elder Montgomery was a very hard worker as well and never complained which was really impressive especially with the house we lived in …
2.) The specific songs that I wanted were the CDS Nashville Tribute to the Prophet, to the Trek, and to the Missionaries. Also the reflections of Christ CDs. and all the EFY music that you can find…
Would you be able to send that Oil formula for Parasites? I do not think I have parasites, but I think it would be good to take to just clear my body.
3.) I do not think I need any clothes for right now everything is holding up pretty well. Actually would you be able to send more insoles for my shoes. Nothing to expensive or anything just to switch out the ones I have. I do not need them right away but here in a couple of months I will need them. My normal shoes size is 10, but the shoes I have are 9 and 1/2 I think just because of the brand.
4.) HAHA! (about transfers) Always a chance of somebody leaving! I am not sure apparently President Thompson said that the brethren said that it would be good to keep missionaries in one area for 6-8 months. So it looks like we will both stay for at least one more transfer, but we have no idea! This is Elder Hansen’s third transfer
5.) We have one baptism! Gaspar he is awesome and has an incredible testimony!! He is getting baptized this Saturday so we are really excited!
6.) (weather?) Really Hot and VERY Humid. Yes they celebrate Christmas
Love you!!!!!!
Elder Tilley
Pictures we found on the Mission Blog
Elder Tilley is the 4th one back

Hey Bec!!
So I just wanted to let you know that this past Saturday was probably one of the hardest that I have had on my mission!! I started the day off already feeling sick!! But I was well enough to go out and work, but I just felt like I had no energy! Anyways so we had 6 lessons planned for the day and all of them fell through except for one! So we had one lesson and the rest of the day we just walked and walked and walked talking with people in the street! At one point we came back to the house because I need to go to the bathroom (Remember I was not feeling very well!:) Anyways so I was … not motivated at all to leave the house and all I wanted to do was stay in the house and rest! As I was thinking about that the thought came into my mind "Come on Superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "You think that you’re are a good missionary or something!" As those thoughts came into my mind I got really pumped up and helped me to get out of the house and continue to work!!!

Missionary advice
So I remember when I was in the MTC I had this impression come to me that you would serve a Mission! I cannot remember why that came or what I was thinking about when that little thought came, but I thought it was very interesting! I am not saying that that is what is going to happen and that is what you should do because I cant receive revelation for you, but it really just was a thought that entered my mind. Also if you served a mission it would be the best experience of your life and you would change so much for the better more than words can describe! I am not saying that it will be easy, but it is soooo worth it!!! I have gone through some hard times, but the few moments that I have seen or the people I have seen change their lives and turn to the Lord has brought more happiness and Joy into my life that I could ever imagine! And going though those hard times were so worth those few moments of pure happiness and Joy that I felt!!
I am not sure if that is inspiration, but just some thoughts that I had!
Love you Bec keep up the geat work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Way to be a steller Missionary already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Elder Tilley

Mom-I was not able to watch the video (of Bec’s shot, maybe if you used windows media player I would be able to watch it.

I just heard today that a Gilberto will be baptized in Lubango and when I heard that I thought it must have been another Gilberto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really cannot believe that he is being baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really has changed his life around!!!!!!!
Thanks for telling me! I did not know that it was the Gilberto that I taught!
Love you logging off!           Elder Tilley

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