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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Mario-Father of the first family I taught but had to leave before they were baptized. I was so happy to see him!

Gasper's Baptism

Hey mom I am not sure how much I can write right now but if I can not write a lot I will try and write a little bit more later! 
So I am being transferred to Viana and I am training in a brand new area! How am I supposed to train in an area that I have never been in? I have no idea! But I guess the Lord trusts me to do it! So I will go and Do!

I do not have any more details for christmas. I know that the Thompsons have ipads, but I am not sure what we are going to do because I am being transferred. So I am not exactly sure if we can do the FaceTime or not on the ipads, so maybe you can make sure that somebody has Skype. I remmeber last time I tried to Skype Dad, but it did not exist, so maybe you could just check and make sure the FaceTime and Skype work! I will probably call you. I have no idea when I will call.
I am still in Alma so I need to pick it up this week, but dont worry I will make it to the end! (Moroni 10 by Christmas)
(My favorite Christmas memory???) Of course the Motorhome trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is pretty much the main thing! 
I think (all the EYO music) is all on the kid’s computer, but yeah I would rather you wait until after Christmas and get the EFY music from Josh! Thank you so much for doing that for me! I am sure it is a pain to do! Thank you!!
Elder Chetwin I think is (my new companion’s) name, but I am not 100percent sure. The new area is considered part of Luanda, but it is kind of on the outskirts a little bit. I should get them at the same time, normally we get letters and packages and stuff on Preparation Day when we meet up with the zone leaders to play soccer and things like that and the Viana Elders are always their.

I am not sure if it is the same one, but yeah that is his name Elder Chatwin!

So the Reedys ,the American family, are going to the States next week, so I gave her a Memory card that she is going to send to you guys, but you guys can not open it until Christmas! But I just want to let you know!
Love you! Elder Tilley

Congrats Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is fantastic!!! …
Thank you so much for your letters man! You do not know how much you mean to me! Several times there has been just a line or two that you have sent me that have just really helped me! Thank you so much!
Thank you for the advice about love! That is something that I am really working on! I am really trying to develop Charity for the people! I feel like I love my investigators, but I do not feel like I really have that Love for the Angolan people yet! But I am praying and trying to develop this Charity toward this people! Thank you so much for everything man! You are a real hero in my eyes!! I am so grateful that we got to become such great friends before I left on my mission!! I love you man!!! Elder Tilley

Hey bec how are you doing this week!
This week has been a little bit stressful because we had a batism and at the church the generator was not working so we did not have energy to fill the baptismal font up with water. So we ended up bucketing water out of the tank into the baptismal font and the font was probably a little bit bigger then the font at the temple. It took us about 2 hours! We were crazy tired afterwards but the baptism went well! Sunday though was really stressful because we went to a ladies house in the morning to pick her up for church because she did not know where it was! So we went pretty early in the morning and we waited and waited and waited for her because she was not ready! Finally she was ready and then by the time we got to church it was 9.15 and church starts at 9.00! We received some training from President Kretly that told us that it is ok to do that if we are picking up investigators and things like that, but the problem was that Gaspar was getting confirmed that day! So we ran into the chapel but by the time we got in the church he was already confirmed! It was really frustrating! Also President Thompson was in the meeting and saw us come in late so that was a little bit embarrassing, but we talked with him afterwards and he said that he figured that that is what happened! I felt really bad though because we had several members say "you guys were late to church today!" I felt bad because we really are supposed to be the examples here! But I know we were trying to do our best and help someone else out by bringing them to church. 
Anyways I hope that you week goes well! 
I hear that you are tearing it up on the basketball court and on the mission field!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up! Oh by the way I saw the New Era and it talked about how Elder Nelson and Elder Holland were doing a broadcast about the new missionary age and one of the questions that the New Era said that this broadcast would answer is "what should I consider when I am trying to decide if I should serve a mission if I am a young women" Maybe you could watch that broadcast! Love you Bec!!! Elder Tilley

So we had our Primary Program two Sundays ago and we asked Gaspar how he liked it and he said " I felt like I was above the ground, I felt like I was floating in the air... words can not describe how I felt! If I tried to write down the feelings that I had during that meeting I would not be able to do it!" He was clearly trying to describe the Spirit and Elder Hansen pointed that out to him! It was just really cool to hear him say that! He really was prepared to be baptized!

Hey how are you doing!? I hope that you and Grandma are doing well! I am having one of the greatest experiences of my life here in Africa! It definitely is not easy, but I am growing and learning so much I just can not even describe it! My mom told me that it was your birthday on Saturday and I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!!! How old are you now... 50!? :) I hope that you are doing well and I just want to let you know that I am praying for you and that I love you, but more importantly God loves you! That is something that I have really learned here on my mission! No matter what our circumstances our God loves each and everyone of his children more then we can possibly image and I hope that you can feel that love He has for you!
I love you Grandpa and I hope you have a fantastic week!!
Love Elder Tilley 

Love you
Elder Hansen, Gaspar, Elder Tilley, ?

Logging off

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