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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Me with Elder Domingos who went to Mozambique this last week and I heard that Elder Fitztgerald (who was my companion in the MTC) is training him!
Elder Hansen and I
Elder Hansen and I pointing at our area
Could you send this to Sister Levi and tell her
thank you so much for the letter!!!! I really enjoyed it!
7:40 Mom!
  1. Unfortunately I did not (get to see General Conference) because in Luanda they watched it while I was in Lubango and then they watched it in Lubango the Saturday after I left. I was really sad, but I am grateful I got to watch a couple of talks in Lubango.
  2. Yes I was able to watch it (Primary Sacrament Meeting program), but I was not able to get a picture with them. I think sister Violin has a picture of her with the kids if you want.
  3. Yeah we actually get more (news) than people think. Something that I never really knew, but apparently the entire World watches the US elections. 
  4. What I heard was that President Thompson does them (transfers) and then Pres. Kretly approves them and has the final say in the manner. President Kretly is coming here this week so we should have some great trainings.
  5. We are living with two other Elders. Elder Mariquele who is from Mozambique (I lived with him for a while in Lubango) and a brand new Greeny!!! Straight out of the MTC! His name is Elder Whitaker and he is from Florida. It is pretty funny because Elder Mariquele cant even say his name correctly so it is pretty funny!
  6. He (Elder Domingos) lived in Luanda, but in a neighboring branch. It was really weird because before we left we got permission to go to his families house, so their was a little good bye party their for about 30 minutes. It was really weird \sad\ bringing back a lot of memories!  I learned a lot of Portuguese and he reminded us of a lot of little techniques that he had learned from the MTC.
  7. I am near the end of Mosiah. I should be in Alma here soon. What about you?
  8. Are you saving the pictures that I send you and that you get from the Thompsons?
  9. Also I was able to watch the video! That was awesome!! :) Honestly the person that was closest to real live African dancing was probably Jailey!!! :)
Hey Bro how is it going!! Congrats on the new baby! I feel very honored that you keep naming your babies after me!!! haha (Just kidding) Hope that you are doing well man! …
Thanks Bro! Love you tons!!!
Elder Tilley

(Mom) Are you going to be over weight on the package? The zone leaders told me to tell my parents to send all packages through express no matter what the weight because it is really difficult to get the package and it takes a lot of time to do if it is not sent through express. They said it might cost more, but if you could that would be great. The best way is to just send one under I think 2 lbs.I do need a scripture case for my Book of Mormon and Bible. The sizes of them are bigger then the normal English ones. I think Braden has scriptures the same size (Spanish ones). So if I could get one for my bible and one for the Book of Mormon that would be great. Nothing really big, honestly something just to cover them to protect them.Thanks!

Hola e Bom Dia! Como Esta? Espero que tudo esteja bom contigo!
Te amo muito!!!
Tens uma Boa Semana!!
Te Amo!
Elder Tilley

GoogleTranslation: Hola and Good Day! Like this? Hope all is well with you!
Love you too!!
Got a Good Week!
Te Amo!
Elder Tilley

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