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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

This is Gaspar. This picture is one of my favorite pictures because it really shows how happy he was because in Angolan culture you do not smile for pictures. You either have a straight face or even a little bit angry face, but when we had taken this picture just a couple days after his baptism and confirmation he  could not stop smiling! Even to take the picture. He was literally radiating with the spirit and could not help himself from smiling. 
Hey man!!! How is it going!!?
Thanks for the letter and the happy birthday wish! Also happy birthday to you to!!! Big 13!! Starting the teenage stage! Remember to not stress mom and dad out to much! And remember that Mom and Dad are actually really cool!!!!!!!!!! Pretty crazy you are entering the teens right as I am leaving though! Just remember to always do your very best in everything! Also be careful with the girls!! I am sure that you are a lady-killer! So that is why I am saying to be careful! It really is not worth it! Even if you really like a girl, so just be really careful and don’t get into anything that you are going to regret later!!
Love you Pres!
PS you are going to have to practice you soccer skills as well as your basketball skills because I am getting pretty good at soccer and will definitely beat you when I get back! (ha ha just kidding you should definitely focus on basketball right now!)

New Years Activities with the Thompson's

Hey bec thanks for wishing me a happy birthday!
So how are things going with you? Remember that if you ever have anything that you feel like you cant talk with anyone about, right now or in the future, first remember that Heavenly Father is always there and wants you to talk with Him about those things! Secondly I am always an open ear to hear and to help in anyway I can! …
I love you bec and hope the start of the second semester goes well for you in school, basketball and most important spiritual things!
Love you bec!!
Elder Tilley

No package and I heard something about (the new curriculum) from President Thompson, but the missionaries are not to involved with it, but it sounds awesome!!! The requests sound good! Dont worry I have already planned on paying you back for EFY when I get home :)
Love you Mom!!
Elder Tilley

Love you Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logging off

Thanks and I just want to tell you I love you!!

   Hey mom I just read your letter and every one sounds like they are doing great! Bishop told me … to write (the priests) a letter so I felt it would be faster if I sent it through these pictures. So if you could send this to Jeff that would be great (the picture goes with the letter).

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