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a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

We were so excited when Sister Merrill (soon to be Elder Tilley's new Mission "Mom". She came by on her way home from Phoenix and got to meet some of Elder Tilley's siblings and Nephew!
(Behind her is Elder Tilley's missionary wall with pictures from their Mission!

May 20, 2013
Elder Wilson just made up a lot of funny phrases for being a zone leader and one of them was "if you do not know the answer to the concern an elder has just say to him have you prayed about it?" Kind of the same thing :)
Yep we have yeast and flour to make bread. Flour was pretty easy to find, yeast was a little bit more difficult, but we were able to find it in the street. Yeah you have to knead it. We basically had to do the same thing as we do with our bread, but it was just another recipe that it pretty easy.  Yeah you taught me how to make bread :)! Thanks
(Elder Wilson) is a really happy missionary! He is always smiling and is a lot of fun! It has been a little bit stressful this past week because we had more meetings and we are also getting a lot of pressure to have better numbers and Elder Wilson … goes with the flow, which is good because their is not a whole lot of resistance…. But it is going really well, I think I am suppose to learn how to be happy even when things aren’t going well!
I am still in Terra Nova. Terra Nova is a big neighborhood inside of our area so that is why it is called Terra Nova, but the missionaries also call it Luanda 1 because that is what the branch is called and our Zone is also called Luanda 1. kind of confusing  :)
Yep (Elder Rainbolt) flew home on Wednesday. Apparently his sister lives right by Navoo and is now sitting with the missionaries and so he is excited to go back and help her out!
Nando and Sisi they are a couple that we are teaching that are married. they live pretty far a way and so it is hard to sit with them, but they are progressing pretty well. they have a baptismal date for the 1 of june but we probably will move it back two weeks.
Lourenco and Veronica they are an awesome couple, but they are not married so they are working on that!
Garcia also awesome guy that has a strong testimony. One time we went over to teach him and he said that he knew the church was true 5-7 times just within our visit! But he is also not married, but we are planning on going to the "conservatorio" I do not know what that is in English but it is a place where you deal with all the government stuff. Anyways we are going with him their on Thursday to start the process of marriage!
Jesse: Since we lost two missionaries and did not recieve any we had to close down an area inside of our branch "Elder Cliffords area" and basically Elder Wilson and I took it over! Our area was huge before and now it just about doubled it size!! But anyways we inherited Jesse from their area! He is super prepared is 20 or 21 years old! He is just solid!! He has a baptismal date for the 13 of July. It would be sooner but he does not feel ready yet! But I think we will talk with him about it and probably move his date up!
We also will hopefully start teaching two new families this week I am not sure the wives names but the one husbands name is Valter and the other one is Paulo!
we are also teaching a lady named Vina, but she had not come to church for about three weeks straight so we might end up dropping her.

Oh also this week a lady I taught in Cassequel was baptized! Her name is Zinobia! Her husband was baptized in Canada when he went there to study and so we started teaching her, but she was never baptized. then I got transfered to Viana and then her and her husband moved to Viana, but in Elder Richters area and they started teaching her  but was never baptized and then I got transferred to terra nova. So I showed up to the baptisms this week because our zone was in charge of it and I saw her in white! I saw her and she saw me and her eyes as well as mine got really big! Both of us surprised to see each other there! ~
After her baptism she bore her testimony and she said how one time when she was in cassequele the missionaries were passing by her house, but apparently she did not really want them to be their. She would always accept them but yeah... So one time she told them to pass at 7 but she was actually working at that time and so they called and she said she was on her way, but she was still working and she stayed at work for about an hour or so trying to "escape" the missionaries but she said when she got home the missionaries were still out side of her door waiting for her! Anyways it seemed like that had a little bit of an effect of her and as I was listening to the story I remembered that the missionaries were Elder Hansen and I. But   I think it was very interesting because I remember when that happened and the only reason why we stayed that long at her house waiting for her was because we had a member with us. If it was just Elder Hansen and I, we probably would have left, but we didn’t because of the member was with us! It was really cool just to be a part of that experience as well to see how the Lord will guide us and allow little things like that (having a member with us) to happen to help save his children, because he loves us!

Pizza party because Elder Mariquele was leaving!! :)

Hey Bec so happy Birthday on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you have a great 17th birthday part!! Don’t do anything stupid!! haha just kidding I know you wont !:) …

Continue to do your very best and when you think you can go no farther find the strength and energy physcially and spiritually inside of you that you did not know you had to continue to go farther. And the way we find that physical and spiritual strength is through Jesus Christ through Him and only Him can we find the strength and REAL peace to continue on!

Love you Bec!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparkley Buns Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Jayce Tilley

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