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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Is the cell phone thing a parent or child problem???? :))))
In response to the Picture: The funnier thing is that you probably took that picture with your phone :)

So I am trying to figure out Mother's Day and I think that we can do it at 1 pm my time so I think that is 5am your time? The only other option would be to do it on Saturday or Monday, but Sunday at 1 pm my time will be good for me. FaceTime would be better and I will call you but just have your phone and email on so if I need to contact you I can, but you do not need to get up much earlier then 5 because we have church that goes until 12 my time and then afterwards we have to travel to presidents house which will take (depending on traffic) 30 minutes to an hour. Which iPad should I call and what is the address? Missionary hand book says 30 to 40 minutes.

When you said " 'we are all all here'  here comes the tears" were you talking about your tears or did you happen to just predico mine?

So I already got the three packages!! That was really quick! And a good thing too because the Thompson decided to move their day that they are going home to the 22 of may only about three more weeks. I am actually doing email at their house right so I will give them the package here soon! We came over to their house to make bread and play phase 10 one more time before they left!:).

Ok…(I’ll keep a list of things to talk about)

So Elder Clifford is a district leader in our zone (actually my district leader) so I went on a division with him and Elder Montgomery is not companions with him but he lives in the same house  so that is why he was there. Haha we didn't talk about anything really special just "deep doctrine" stuff for a while and talk a little bit about the temple and how we miss going to the temple and how much more meaning the temple has now that we have been on our missions for a while.

(All Elder Tilley’s friends (that are girls) are turning in their mission papers; his response?): Hmm looks like I will just have to marry a return missionary…

I know them both. I have been able to talk with Elder Tingey a few times. I have not been able to talk with Elder Garn very much but I have met him a couple of times. Looking at Elder Way's photo here in the mission home:)

(Dad) Thank you for your testimony! I love you so much!!!!! 
Elder Tilley 

(Braden) Thanks for the update! Sounds like things are going pretty well. Thank you for our example to me! I look up to you so much! Love you man!:) Thanks for the time you spent with me right after your mission! I tell my companions how we became the best of friends during those three months right before I left! I was thinking about it the other day and I remember thinking right before I left on my mission wow Braden is so cool he now is really starting college and work and dating and stuff. Then I thought to my self the other day wow Braden is soo cool he has a wife and a kid on the way! That is solo nuts! Anyways thanks for everything that you do for me love you! Elder Tilley 

(Bec) Wow that sounds pretty crazy! Keep working hard and doing your best but remember to take care of your body as well. Sometimes missionaries here they get sick and instead of staying inside for a day and resting like sister Thompson told them to they get up and say no I am going to work anyways so they do waste a day (the initial thought is wow those are dedicated missionaries) but honestly in my personal opinion those are sometimes the stupid missionaries because  they decide to go out and work and then they get more sick and then have to stay in bed for three days and waste three days instead of just one. Anyways I am not saying every time you get bumped or hit hard that you should take a break! Definitely not !! just saying be careful with your body when serious things like concussions happen because sometimes we can not see the consequences  and sometimes we think "I can play just one or two more games and it will be alright "and it probably will put us out of the game longer in the future (maybe a week or a month or a year or the rest of our lives who knows). Anyways keep working hard and being smart! Finals are coming up pretty soon aren't they?? Study hard! Study more then you think you need to and The Lord will help and bless you if you ask for His help! Love you so much!! I hope you are doing well and putting your trust in The Lord! With The Lord all things are possible! Love you  Sparkely buns power!

So I have been studying the tree of life and have found some really cool things but I will have to tell you about it when we talk on Sunday!!!
I love you so much mom you are the greatest!!!!!!!!!
Love your son 
Elder Tilley 

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