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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

I got the package with the picture!

These are a few members from Viana.

They are dating right now but they are both about to turn their papers in to serve Missions! The boy, his name is Helder, is a recent convert and will turn his papers in really soon because he is about to hit his year mark as a member.

Ok Thanks I will try it again this week. (debit card)
So I got the package, but the garment bottoms I got are way to big!:) I went on a division with Elder Wilhem this week and he said they would fit him so I am going to give the bottoms to him. President and Sister Merrill are going to South Africa next week and she said she could get us garment, so I will see if she can get me some and then I will let you know next week if you need to send me more bottoms or not.
(Will you please save) the emails you receive from me and I sent to family because I know there are a few experiences that I wrote to someone in the family that I was not able to get into my Journal.
Yes (the Merrills) did come into the apartment (for inspection). They did not really say anything; they literally just came in checked the apartment and then left. Elder Chandler has collected some bear\whiskey bottles that they saw and they thought was pretty funny so Sister took the whiskey bottle and posed with it and President took a picture.
Transfers happened this week. A new zone is being created and the new zone is going to be Huambo and Lubango (the provinces). Elder Wilson is going to be transferred to Lubango and be the one of the Zone Leaders there. Elder Hansen is coming back up and going to be the Zone leader with me! (Companions once again!)
There are three new elders confirmed coming this week and then possibly two more, but we are completely sure.

Thank you for the help! I sent the letter you sent me to my companion as well and he said "wow your grandpa is smart!" :)I just wanted to share some experiences we had with Ivandro these past couple of weeks! So the Sunday before I received your email my companion and I were having weekly planning and we were not sure what we should teach Ivanovo because the only thing he was lacking to be a member was smoking. So we kneeled down and said a prayer asking God for help. We finished the prayer and we thought a little bit more about what we should teach him and we felt we should teach him about desire and how is desire to be baptized needs to be greater then his desire to smoke! So that is what we felt we should teach him, then I got your email the following day and I felt like your email went perfectly along with what we had planned to teach him about desire! So then the following two weeks we basically lost contact with Ivandro. We tried to pass by his house a couple of times but he was not there. We also tried calling him but he did not answer or his phone was turned off. So that happed for about a week and a half. Then this past Thursday we finished a lesson and we needed to pass by two peoples houses before we went home, Garcia as well as Ivandro, but we only had time to pass by one of them. I knew that we would be back where Ivandro lives the next day and so we decided to go visit Garcia. As we were walking I had this pressing feeling that said to go to Ivandro´s house. I kind of pushed it away at first, but the pressing feeling continued. So I told my companion that I felt we needed to pass by Ivandro. So we went to his house instead and when we got there we found him outside his house just sitting on a motorcycle. He saw us and was so happy to see us and he said that he had just told one of his friends, who is a member of the church, to tell us to pass by his house. Also Ivandro said that he had plans to go record some music with a friend, but he said he was not sure if his friend was going to show up or not and so in the end he said that for what ever reason he just stayed home instead of going with his friend! And then a little bit later we showed up at his door! It was a really great Miracle that happened this week that I was very grateful for because we had almost lost complete contact with him!!

Anyways I just want to share that with you and I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful to be your Grandson because you are such a great example to me! I love you tons grandpa and I take Pride in calling myself your grandson!!
Love you!!
Elder Tilley

Mom-One FS (Felt Spirit) experience I had was that I felt I should write some more FS experiences to you guys :) I will try and do better!
Love you Mom
Sorry I just don’t have a lot of time to write!

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