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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013
Yes I tried to take out about $90 the other day, but the ATM said that my bank would not allow it, so I did not get the money. Yes please (ask the bank)... that would be great! Maybe you could just tell the bank to leave my card open (meaning let me take it out of the ATM's here) then if it gets stolen then I will just tell the Merrills to email you and then you guys can lock it from there or something

1.) Yes, our visas only last a year, but my visa was already renewed awhile ago... so I am all good! :) We heard that all visas were cleared, but then I just heard that they might not be cleared, so we are still hoping and praying that the new missionaries will be able to come in.
2.) Zani actually lived in the other Elders area and then she moved to Cassequele, so I am not sure exactly what is going on with her.
3.) Just the little article that you sent me... (Ensign article about Angola (Aug 2013 p18). We only get the Conference issue of the Liahona... we do not get the monthly additions.
4.)Honestly not a whole lot of info to tell. Monday we normally get up clean the house and then go play soccer with the other missionaries, then go eat pizza and then go and do emails then go shopping and go home, chill for a little bit then go out proselyting for the rest of the night. Tuesday-Saturday. Wake up, get ready, study, leave the house, go eat lunch, come back for lunch or go to a member’s house for lunch, then teach for the rest of the day and come home, plan, eat dinner and then go to bed. Sunday is a similar thing just with Church in the Morning :) 

yeah if you could copy my emails that would be great! But only if you have time!!DONT do it while you are on Vacation!!!!

Love you Mom!!! I hope you have a great week!!!

Love Elder Tilley

Hey thanks for the update! That sounds way cool snorkeling and going to Hawaii!!! I am glad that you over came your fears though!! :) You said that you felt the spirit when the guy from Fiji spoke, but you said that it was in a different way... what did you mean that it was in a different way?
How are things going with work? Are you going to be able to open up the beginning of next month? 
Thanks for everything Pops!!?

Love you!

Elder Tilley

Hey Bro!
how are things going? What have you been up to during the summer? Are you balling it up or what? I hope that you are doing well!! 
I just want you to know that you better be practicing your bball skills because I am going to wreck you in 21 when I get back!
Love you so much man!!!!
I love you so much!!
Elder Tilley 

Yeah Bec! ~
Sorry I was not able to write you, I got distracted and I forgot to respond and then my time ran out! When I was in the taxi going home last week I remembered that I did not write you and I said out loud "crap!" the missionary said "what is the matter?" I said "I forgot to write my little sister!" That is cool that you got to go to a Catholic Mass. Being a Missionary I have learned a lot about other Religions and a lot of other religions have some weird Doctrine! And I thought the same thing..."If people think we are weird they should check out these other churches!"
How did the Nike tournament go? Did you play well? 

So maybe this week we can move on to another topic... how about "Faith" This time we can both study some more scriptures and then we can share some of the scriptures that we found as well... sound good?

I hope that you have a fantastic spiritually filled week!!
Love you tons!!
SPARLEY BUNS POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Tilley

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