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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

1.) Only government hired people can do it. No leaders here in Angola can perform marriages.
2.) Elder Chandler baptized Guilherme, Ilídio the branch mission leader baptized Florença and I baptized their 8 year old daughter Vau.
3.) Probably not, he is a great man, but probably not the right man for the job. We have other worthy people here that COULD be the Branch President, but there are a lot of issues and so that is why I am the Branch President right now.
4.) :) Funny question we probably drop more investigators then we teach :) That is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but pretty close. We drop investigators all the time.

I got the Christmas package with the debit card, but I have not tried it yet because I do not have the pin for it. What is the pin?

5.) A few things that I really liked (from zone conference in Luanda with Elder Hamilton) were 1.) Promising blessings he told us that we have the right to promise people blessings when they follow through with commitments because we have been called by a prophet of God and because it is TRUE! I think that is something I have not done very well on my mission. I have always told people that they will receive blessings, but I guess not very boldly because maybe I am scarred they will not happen or maybe they will happen but then the investigators will not see then and then think we lied to them or something, but since Elder Hamilton spoke with us I have been much more bold and have promised specific blessings to people even tell them that as a representative of Jesus Christ I promise you these blessings if you do your part. He also talked about how to invite people to keep commitments. I cant really express how he taught us. It was a lot of more none verbal communication and really put feeling into as well as promising them blessings and bearing testimony! That is another thing I am working on. He also talked about the Priesthood and he said that sometimes in the church we say "Priesthood on this side of the room and women on the other side" then he said "that is false!" He then explained how men are not the priesthood and then said that the Priesthood is like an umbrella both men and women can stand under it and receives the blessings from it, but it is just the man who holds the umbrella.

6.) We are having a devotional with them (Merrill’s) tonight so that will be fun! We had companionship study with President Merrill today and it was really good. One thing he said, I am not sure if he was quoting President Monson or just saying this, but he said it right after telling the story of President Monson have a spiritual prompting telling him to leave a meeting and go to the hospital, he did not leave until the end and ran to the hospital and when he got there, the one he knew had died and President Monson just missed it and the people said that the man that died was calling out his name before he died! The quote was "People are more important then meetings!" I really like that!
7.) I like Elder Tingey a lot! He is a great missionary and is a very hard worker!
9.) We will probably (call) Christmas day at 4 or 5 oclock our time, but we still have to confirm with the members in Lubango so I will have to let you know specifically next week, but it will be by Skype so maybe double check to make sure the Skype works. I remember my first time trying when I got here to Angola and it didn’t work and so we ended up facetiming, but this time we will not have any iPads near to facetime if Skype doesn’t work :)
What is this Disney Card? I have not heard of this
Wow what a present! :) Ok sounds good! :) Thank you!!
Yep i got both! Thanks! (packages)

Mom told me that you guys got accepted to a dentist school in Arizona and that it is one of the best in the Nation! I am really excited for you guys! And I am excited that you guys will still be in Arizona when I get back!
I love you a ton!!!
Elder Tilley

I sent some Christmas letters. I only sent them in two envelopes put there is a small personal one for everyone. Also there is a family one. Read the Family one first and then everyone can read their letters! I gave the letters to the Zone leaders to send when I was in Luanda, but I think they did not send it until last week so I am not sure if you are going to get them in time, but I hope so!

(Can you send this to Elder Chandler? I don’t have his email)
Hey Elder Chandler I just wanted to write you a quick letter! I hope that you are doing well and that you got home safe! Last week we went over to Guilherme and Floreça´s house just to stop by and say hi and they were both there and they both looked extremely happy! The next day we passed by to sit with the family and we sat down with Guilherme and the kids and waited for Florença to get home, when she got home she walked in and gave Guilherme a kiss all right in front of us! :) They are very happy! Thanks for all the great work that you did here in Angola and Huambo!! You are a great Missionary!!
Love you Bro! Keep up the hard work at home!!
Elder Tilley

Yeah I did that was sick!! I sent bec

a letter about it :) (Bec’s bball video) 
Ok thanks!
Love you Mom!! have a great day!!

Logging off!

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