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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2103

Ok, I have talked about it with President and I have Prayed about it and I really felt like I should stay and not shorten it at all. I just wanted to let you know!

Yep!  we have two weddings that will happen at the chapel on Friday and then Saturday will be the baptisms. Guilherme and Florença and their daughter Vau will be baptized and the couple that is getting baptized the wife will get baptized (the husband is already a member)

What would you say if I wanted to stay an extra two weeks and come home on the 17th of march instead of the 5th ?:) I have not felt like I needed to extend to the 17th, but President mentioned that I could when I talked to him about my release date, so it is just an option. I can come home any time between January 16th - March 17th

I got a package I think with the money in it or with the  card I am not sure. How did you send the debit card?

I am glad that you are doing well in School! keep it up! yeah Braden got the hyper dunks in High school and I got the Hyper rises. Basically the same thing! They were my favorite pair of shoes. You have to get used to them at first, but then once you do you wont want to wear any other kind of shoe. Bro! You got no chance! Prediction 21 Elder Tilley 0 Preston!!!
Love you bro!! See you soon!
Elder Tilley

1.) Guilherme is doing alot better. I felt alot better about him this week as well as the missionary who did his interview.
2.) No unfortunelty we didnt. We tried to, but just didnt work out, hopefully the end of this week! But we will see
3.) He has it on his camera so he could you would just have to ask him. Or I can just show it to you on Christmas.
4.) We took a bus last night at 18.40 and got here at about 5 in the morning. It was a 10 hour ride. Nothing to crazy happened. It was a pretty nice bus and a good bus ride. Lots of leg room so that was good! and reclining chairs!
5.) we will be staying in the Gemeck house with those missionaries and the Lubango elders. They have a really big house. Enough for 6.
6.) Unfortunately no :(  (we will not get to stay with the Merrills). I wanted too... but..

Ok. the earliest will be the 5th of march if not the 5th it will be the 17th, but I dont have to decide until the beginning of january

Love you Mom!!

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