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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014
1.) We have set up a missionary goal that every member helps one person enter the waters of baptism every year! That is our goal as of right now.
2.) Yep I got (the emails about tithing), yes you sent the right one, it was the first one basically about how we didn’t have money but we lasted 4 years without any income. Thanks for sending that to me.
3.) No not yet (Grandma’s Christmas package).
4.) (Church) was alright, more stressful without a first counselor, but it was alright. I only had 2 speakers planned and neither of them took the time they were assigned to and so I spoke again this week and even though I spoke we still ended church a little bit early, so that was a little bit stressful.
5.) No not really unfortunately (new Branch President). We are kind of just in this waiting game right now trying to figure out if a few brethren will be moving to Huambo or not. If they do then one of them will probably be the branch president if they do not then President Merrill will probably call a missionary to be the new branch President.

Elder Whilhelm got a santa suit for chirstmas! :)

Do you know when Becca finds out if she gets accepted to BYU or not?

We just got this email from President Merrill just so you know, so we cant really be chatting anymore :(
With modern technology the way it is I know it is possible for your families to know when you are on the computer and initiate chatting with you. This is not an authorized method of communicating with your friends or family. You should use the email service to read your emails received, write your new ones and then move on. If chatting with your families or friends has been part of your email then please communicate to your families that is not approved.

So this past Sunday we had another really cool experience. We had this couple show up and none of the missionaries knew them. I went and spoke with the wife and our Elders Quorum President (Beato) was with them. Beato said that she showed up to the chapel the day before and then Beato told her that she should come back on Sunday. So she came with her husband. At the end of church she wanted to speak with me, so we sat with her and her husband and she explained how they are from Benguela, a city about an 1-2 hours away, but they are hear visiting his family in Huambo.  She then explained how she had a dream and when she woke up she knew she needed to go to church. So the next day, Saturday, she went in search of a church and she was going to go farther into the city but because it was raining she decided to stop at our church, a little bit on the outside of the city, and found Beato our Elders Quorum President.
She then explained how she feels like just praying and reading in the Bible she doesn’t feel like is enough and that she needs to do more in her life, but is not exactly sure what it is and came to me for counsel. When I heard that I was blown away and wanted to teach her the entire Restoration and tell her that she just found what she was missing in life, I was getting really excited and wanted to teach her everything, but I just taught very simply the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon and then we set up a time with them tonight (Monday night 20-01-2014) to sit with them and teach them more about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! It was really cool to see the hand of the Lord Direct them to the true Church of Jesus Christ!
I love you Family! Hope you have a great week!
Elder Tilley

Dad: Wow that sounds like the new company is going well. I am glad to hear that things are really starting to pick up!
Thank you for writing your testimony and those quotes from the Apostles!
Love you pops!

Elder Tilley

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