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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Elder Money is on the left he is from Utah and knows Shawn and Janae. 
Then Elder Tingey again and then me.
Braden is taking a seminary (teaching) class? When did that happen?
 We have this program that President Walton created that helps members get involved with missionary work. He was never able to implement it and our mission as a whole is not doing it, but we are trying to do it as a Branch.
Basically what it is, is a list of things that members can do on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and yearly basis to strengthen their own testimonies and to share the gospel, then it has a space for where you can put peoples names and then you create specific dates of when you want to give that person a book of Mormon or invite them to church or invite them to sit with the missionaries or be baptized... things like that, so we are trying to impletment that in the branch!.
 We got to teach them once Monday night before they left. It was a good lesson, but we have not been in contact with them since they have left.
 I will write you about (investigators) in the family letter
 I dont have any (pictures) today, I will try next week
Sister Merrill said that she was going to write you today and let you know that you should get my flight plans this week, and then you have to confirm the flight plans within 24 hours or something like that, but she said she would write you about it.
Elder Whitaker is on the left. He is a really smart kid got a 34 on the ACT he goes to BYU, he is a really good missionary. Santa is my old Companion Elder McCune, he dressed up for the end of the party. Then me and then Elder Tingey. Also a really good missionary and a lot of fun to be around... we like to talk business together:)

So this week went really well I did 104 push-ups in a row before I collapsed! (Got to get in shape before I get home ;)  )
This week we had an awesome missionary experience happen. One day elder fountain and I were knocking on apartment doors and we knocked on this guys house named Eugenio (Ugene in English, I dont know how to spell that) so we asked if he had some time that we could talk about the message we had about Jesus Christ, he said he had a few minutes, but we just taught him really quickly at his door and then marked another time to pass by him. For what ever reason i felt like he had some potential, but I don’t really know why. We passed by him I think the following day we sat down and before we could even say a prayer he just starts talking about his life and the things he has been through and how he was an orphan from the age of six and he had two older brothers, but the oldest was 11 and they lived for three years without any help from others. He explained the rest of his life and how he did not really worry about religion and things like that, but then he changed and he saw the difference in his life and he started to go to the Pentecostal church and he said he felt happy there and then he said he left the church for a time and he saw the blessings leave him and so he went back to the Pentecostal church and he said he saw the blessings that he had before come back. As he was explaining this I thought to myself "how are we suppose to tell this man that his church is false and that ours is the only true church when he has felt happy and joy in the church he is in and has seen blessings when he has gone to it?" As I was thinking this he then said that he felt like he was weak and he wants to be more involved in the work of God, but doesn’t know how to. I asked him if it felt like there was something missing in his life and he said yeah he felt like there was something missing. We then very briefly talked about the restoration and I told him that I believe that what he is missing is this church, the Restoration of the Gospel. He was very intent on listening to what we had to say. We were not able to teach all of the Restoration that day, but we asked him to read the restoration pamphlet and pray and pray to know if this is what he was missing in his life. We went back and taught him on Saturday in the morning and I asked him if he read the pamphlet and he said he did. Then I asked if he had any questions and even though this is not a question this was his response "at the end of the pamphlet it says to pray to know about Joseph Smith" he paused and so i asked him if he prayed about it and he said he did and then I asked if he had received an answer and his response was "No, but I Know it is true!" Kind of a funny response :) saying no, but then saying he knew that it was true. So then we taught in detail about the restoration and what it means to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet (it means that this is the only true church on the Earth). I invited him to be baptized and he accepted and then Elder Fontaine invited him to be baptized with a specific date (we decided on the spot March 8th) and he accepted as well. He said that he had never been baptized, but would like to be. We explained that this time between now and his baptism would be a time for him to prepare and continue to pray and read the Book Of Mormon to discover if the Book of Mormon is true!
We left him a book of Mormon and he said he would come to church. He came to church and he participated and I think he really liked it.

It was a great experience!

Love you Family!!!
Elder Tilley

Dad: Those are awesome experiences! Those are so cool! I am really glad that you shared them with him. Let me know of the Miracles that happen in the future. We also had a really cool experience with a guy in his twenties named Eugenio. I wrote about it to the family so you can read it!!
Love you Pops!!
Your are a wonderful Father and Husband and Church Leader !!
Elder Tilley
I look up to you alot!!!!!!!!
Love you!!
Elder Tilley

(Becca) Keep up the great work Bec! Mom said you are kind of in a slump, but are just coming out of it! EYE of the TIGER! Go tear them apart! Dont worry about anyone in the stands! Just go play your game!  Go play Tilley Basketball!!!
Here is an inspirational quote for you!  "Its not about how hard you get hit, but how hard you CAN get hit and Keep moving!!!"
That is what it is about!! When you get hit by LIFE or pressure or anything like that and continue to move forward!! and not just SURVIVE through it, but to see how hard you get to hit it back, that is how Champions are made! Love you Bec! Go hit them back hard this week!!!
Love you !!!
Sparkily Buns Power!! 

Elder Tilley

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