Angola Luanda Mission
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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012 (Safe in Africa)

Elder Hansen, Wilhelm and Tilley arrive in Angola
6:45am (From Sister Walton’s email address) . . 2:45pm Angola time
I am here in Africa safe and sound!! Sister Walton said I can send a quick note. I am going to be serving in Luanda for this transfer. I think my trainer is going to be awesome! Living conditions I are pretty intense, but they are trying to move us to another apartment as soon as possible. I actually think we sleep outside and take showers outside. Crazy! Love you family I will email again on Monday!

Pray for me!!! Love you Elder Tilley
Last Saturday we received 3 more missionaries from the Provo MTC.  
The greeting committee included President and Sister Walton and Zone Leaders... 
(They) were understandably tired, but all they could say once they left the airport was they 
couldn't believe they were in Angola.  
They've brought with them the MTC fire and they are ready to go!

Welcome to Angola!
(From President Walton)
Dear Brother & Sister Tilley-
We are very grateful to have Elder Tilley here in Angola. I know Elder Tilley sent you a quick email saying they sleep and shower outside.  I think I need to explain that a little.  They did sleep outside last night, but it is in the locked “compound” of the Luanda 2 Branch chapel.  The generator ran out of fuel a few days ago and we were not able to get fuel delivered until today. Without the generator, there was no AC.  It was so hot in the apartment, the missionaries decided to sleep outside.  The missionaries have been showering outside (with shorts) because we have been unable to get the septic tank fixed.  The shower is the outdoor shower for the pool (empty).  The tank should be fixed on Monday, but we are searching for another apartment.  I want the missionaries out of there as soon as possible.  Sister Walton will soon have more pictures on her “blog”:
Thank you. 
President Walton

Mission Blog: 
Once the training was over, the companions and areas were revealed, it was time to head out.  But Elder Tilley was overcome from the more than 24 hours that he had been traveling to Angola. 

Mission Blog: Elders Hansen  and Wilhelm thought it was funny, but they were struggling as well!  

Mission Blog:  One final picture of the group of three on the mission home balcony and it is time to go.   

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