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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

We went to a place today with a bunch of waterfalls so that is what these pictures are!

So our new President got his visa and it was the wrong one so he had to resubmit his papers! I am pretty sure those two Elders in New Jersey had to do the same thing! So we think he is going to be delayed awhile several more weeks, but we are continuing to pray for all of them!
I told (President Walton) I wanted to leave later so my return date is March 13 as of right now, but Sister Walton said that date is not set in stone, but in the books right now it is March 13, 2014. Yes each companionship has a cell phone.
 Daily schedule is pretty much the same as before. We teach alot we have been averaging about 4 to 5 lessons a day. The members here really need our help so we teach a lot of recent convert lessons. We never really knock doors here. We normally just walk around and talk to people when we do not have a lesson but most of the time we do. A lot of times people will just come up to us and ask us what we are doing! We have not been walking around as much looking for people to find lately but this week we are probably going to do more. Elder Davis is very scarred to just walk up and talk to people so sometimes that makes it kind of difficult. But most of the time we just go from lesson to lesson. Our normal schedule: wake up and do the normal missionary things. We eat lunch and than head out and normally just walk to the lessons that we have. After the day is over we come back plan for the next day eat and than get ready for bed! That probably was not a lot of detail but that is our day in a nut shell!

(Braden) Holy Cow Bro!!!!!!!! You are engaged!! Did you update the FB yet!! haha just kidding! It is pretty funny to hear you talk about her! It sounds like you are in love! Haha but that is the way it is suppose to be I would imagine!
Dont worry about it! I am fully supporting you man! I hope that you have a great first week being engaged! Tell future Chelsy Tilley I said hi and that I love her too (love her as family that is! :) Love you Bro! thanks for your letter especially! I have been thinking a lot about it this week too and I thought that even the Savior wanted this cup to pass from him but never the less not my will but Gods be done! Even though it may be hard I need to do the will of God! Love you man!
Elder Tilley Could you send this pic to mom thanks!

(Dad) On Sunday we were at church and the Branch President called us into his office with another man! I was not sure what was going on, but this man was just driving down the street and he said he was directed to the church so he came in and wants to know more! Pretty crazy, we were not able to get his number but we gave him ours and he said he would come next week! He said he wanted us to teach his family as well! What a great Miracle... that I just wanted to share! Love you Pops keep up the great work!!
 Carlos has been taught the missionary lessons for about a year now! It is pretty crazy he is very quiet so I do not know his story very well. He was suppose to be baptized a few weeks ago but he was out of town the few weeks prior, so we taught him for three weeks and than Saturday was baptized. We were very excited. It was really stressful though because our tank to fill up the font ran out of water so Friday and Saturday we were trying to figure out how to get water, but a miracle happened and water came in through the street so we had enough, but we had to bucket it from our tank to the font because our pump is not working! It was pretty cool though because Carlos the one getting baptized came over and helped us so that was really cool!

I Love you mom!!! 
Logging off
Elder Tilley

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