Angola Luanda Mission
a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Cool place that we pass by almost everyday

Hey. So, first of all just so you know, there are several things I wish I could do better that would definitely help me on my mission. One I wish I could play the piano better! Second of all I wish I could cook better! I do pretty well with cooking, but it would just be whole a lot easier if I could do it better. Bec and Pres... I am not just saying that because mom wants me to, but I have been really thinking that the past few days!

Answers to Mom’s questions:
1.) (Stores???) Well kind of, stores are a lot smaller here. So kind of, but not really. everything is just a little bit different here, so it is a little bit harder. I do not think they have any cream of wheat or any type of wheat really.
I'm standing in front of the church. We live behind the church.
2.) I could probably get a crock pot, but I do not think it would work very well, because here in Lubango we get energy from the street, and we normally have energy, in the morning and at night depending on the day, but during the day it normally goes away. kind of weird, so if I had one I do not think it would work to well because it would not be turned on during the day.
3.) My companion was put his card into the computer last time and several of his pictures got erased... but do not worry I got a plan:) 
4.) Pretty much everyone believes in Christ! I am not really sure how, but everyone does or claims that they do.
5.) Yeah send pictures, I have a lot of fun looking at them!

(Dad) Oh I forgot to tell Mom that we have a Baptism this Saturday so we are really excited, hopefully I will try and send some pictures next week, but we will see. Also we had a lesson this week that was just really awesome! We are teaching this lady and her name is Antonia and she grew up in Namibia Africa so she speaks English so that was kind of fun teaching in English. But we taught her a week ago and invited her to be baptized and she said she did not know because she was already baptized in another church. On Sunday she came to church and gospel Principles was on Baptism. We were not there because we were teaching Primary but apparently she asked alot of questions. Also the last time we were with her my companion left a chapter to read, so after church we went to her house and taught her and it was really cool … because everything came together, in that her concern was baptism and than that was what was taught in church and that was what the chapter my companion left with her about. So she understood the importance of baptism. So I asked her again that when she knows if these things are true if she would be baptized and she said yes with a smile! So that was awesome we are just know praying that she will continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray and receive an answer!
Thanks so much Dad for all that you do for me and the support you give me thanks so much!!

My companion (Elder Davis)
…I feel like I am working hard and doing my best, but obviously sometimes It is really hard, and sometimes I feel like I would rather be home…after a really good lesson where it is just filled with the spirit and it really helps someone and afterwards I just think, man I love teaching and love helping people and I love being here!! 
I could do this forever!! But sometimes it is not always like that and… feeling focused and excited all the time I feel like maybe I am not giving all of my heart, and mind. I do not know if you had similar feelings or not, but I just wanted to share that with you maybe you have some advice! Love you Bro!!!...

Chelsy! Ha I know what you mean that it is hard to write someone you do not really know! Why do you think I asked Braden to have you write me a letter first instead of just writing one to you:):) Its pretty much the same food! But hear in Lubango the members do not feed us as much so that is kind of good and bad! :) I have heard that you are petty much awesome! And you must be if Braden thinks you are!! I hope you have a great week! And thanks for writing me!!!

I love you Mom I hope that you are doing great!!! Keep being the fantastic Mom that you are! Love you! And I am praying for you!! Elder Tilley

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