Angola Luanda Mission
a Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey fam!
So last week was pretty cool because we got to help a member build His house. We actually just put on part of the roof. We were planning on it only taking a few hours but it ended up taking the hold day! It was actually kind of fun. It was kind of weird though because their houses here are obviously different so I felt like I was more up at the cabin work on a fort or something! But it was fun!
COMPANIONS: Elder Tilley and Elder Davis
INVESTIGATORS: Also on Saturday/Sunday we did a Mission fast for President and Sister Thompson as well as the other missionaries that have not got their Visas yet so that was pretty good! Elder Davis and I also included in our fast two recent converts that are in 16 and 18. The Sixteen year old, his name is Seba, woke up one morning and his knee started to hurt him and it just got progressively worse. When we would go to see him he was in a lot of pain so we gave him a blessing but it kept getting worse. He finally went to the hospital and stayed there over night but then came back the next day we went over and he was still in a lot of pain and his knee had swelled up really big. The doctors said that there was something that was growing inside of the his knee. When we went over to his house he was going to the hospital again and was still in a lot of pain. So the last we heard was he went into the hospital again yesterday.  Normally the doctors here are actually pretty good, but I am not sure why they keep sending him home when he is still in a lot of pain and has to keep going back. So if you could keep him in your prayers that would be great! The 18 year olds name is Moseis (Moses) and he has been struggling more spiritually and he needs a lot of help so if you could include him in your prayers as well that would be great! We are teaching a lady named Antonia who speaks English I think I already told you about here. We are also teaching a lady named Paula, honestly I do not know her story but we invited her to be baptized last week and she said she would have to think about it... Also we have two other ladies one named Nelsa and the other Bella. The only thing holding them up is getting married. Bellas husband is a member so they should have all the documents and everything ready next month so hopefully she will get baptized soon. Nelsas "husband" is not a member so he doesn’t have a desire to get married because it is very difficult and it costs a lot of money, so we continue to pray. We also are teaching a 12 year old boy who is pretty much a member and comes to church and even seminary and stuff, but his parents have not given him permission to get baptized so we are praying that they will soon his name is Addilson. Him and Paula are related, but Paula is older and does not need permission so we are hoping that if she gets baptized their parents will allow Addilson to get baptized. Those are the main ones I will have to tell you about the other ones next week.
All the missionaries have a real washer (LG really nice) except for Lubango:). We have a machine that I guess you could call a washer but it really isn’t. It just kind of spins in a circle and doesn’t wash very well. And there are two parts to it, the second part spins really fast just to get all the water out of your clothes. I am not sure if that made sense... than we just hang out our cloths out to dry.
I have only taught Primary once here. So we have a senior couple here in Angola and they live are stationed here in Lubango, but they are up in Luando until President Thompson gets here. There names are Elder and Sister Violin (both i`s make an "ee" sound they are Brazilian, but normally Sister Violin teaches Primary so since she is in Luanda people switch teaching it. Normally the missionaries don’t but one Sunday they needed help with the kids so we jumped in. But I have already taught gospel principles once in Luanda and once here also I gave a talk in Luando and I will give a talk here on tithing I think in 3 weeks, so that should be good. Love you mom!! I hope everything is going well!! Thanks mom your great!!!! Elder Tilley

Thanks Pops for the letter! I would 100% agree with that statement about the Book of Mormon! I remember thinking during my first transfer " I can do this as long as I have the Book of Mormon that I can read and study" because I know that Christ will help comfort and bless me as I read and study its pages! Thanks Pops I love you!!!

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