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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Thank goodness for E. Montgomery...he sent this pic to his mom...transporting groceries in the Violin's truck (The Violin's are the couple missionaries serving in Lubango with these 4 elders). 
Holly Cow Dad!!!! That is what I am talking about!!!!! Being bold and telling peoples whos Boss!!! I like it!! You are such an inspiration to me!! Keep up the hard work!! You really are my hero!!! I still hope in the future if everything works out right that we can still be Business Partners. Any time any of my companions ask what I want to do after my mission for work. I tell them that I want to go into business and work with my dad! I sure hope things can work out that way in the end, but I just want you to know that you really do inspire me and I am so grateful that I can call you my father!!
Love you!
Elder Tilley
Pictures from E. Montgomery... the "bug" problem in the apartment!
 Hey mom so here is some inspiration that I received that I wrote in my Journal (see below)

Also I am getting transferred which I am little bit sad because we marked a Baptismal date with Agusto and Rosalina and their family. Also we marked another baptismal date with a lady named Antonia. I think I told you about her once. She speaks English and is from Namibia. But they are all for next transfer.
Also my companion will be Elder Hanssen. He was in the MTC with me. And we are serving in Cassaquel, which is in Luanda!

Hey Braden how is it going. I sent mom some inspiration that I recieved!
So you can look at that! Let me know what you think!
1.) I am doing well and I am healthy so all is going well!
2.) I sent that Journal entry about Faith, but also something that I have been learning recently is how related Conversion and Repentance are. IF you look at a definition of the two, they are almost identical.... turning about from the things of the world and sin and turning\ submitting to the will of the Father! Very interesting!!
3.) Your welcome (for the pictures) unfortunately none today, and I am not sure if I will be able to send any from Luanda.
4.) He did give (me the tie) to me for CHristmas and I guess I just forgot it. I think it should be in my room or actually probably at Josh’s house!! One of the two (not kidding about Joshes house)

Just I am leaving. Elder Montgomery is going to be companions with Elder Borden and Elder Hide is coming down and being companions with Elder Kelsey. Elder Montgomerys old companion. Did you see if I was registered for the draft?

If it were not for the batisms we had marked I would be really excited! I am still really excited to go and work in Luanda again with Elder Hanssen!!
So Yes I am excited!!

Hey how is it going! Basketball tryouts are coming up soon right? A week and a half or soo? I hear that you are being a sick Missionary way to go!!! Keep tearing it up, in whatever you do, basketball, school, scripture study, missionary work and everything!!  Remember to be careful with texting and being on Facebook because it is really easy to get sucked in and once you are in it is really hard to get back out. How do I know? Because I got sucked into it to and I did not really realize it at the time, and I started to really loose sight of what really matters in life, family being one of the main things. Remember the things that matter most!! " Pres. Uthcdorf"  Being on a Mission obviously I can not do those things and it is here that I realized how trapped I was, and how much better life is when those things are not the most important things in our lives!!  I am not saying that you are trapped or anything, but it is just a word of caution, because I do not want you to fall into the same trap that I did!  Love you Bec and keep it up!! Hey are you doing the Book of Mormon challenge with me and Mom?! If not you definitely should!!

I am pretty sure I did (register for the draft), but I do not remember for sure, but I think so.  If you do not have to register for the draft then that is fine. I just thought that you did. so if by chance I am not and I do not need to be then dont register for me. I just thought I had to, but t I will stop worrying about it now! :) Thanks

Tell Bec that I miss her too!! Also all I am going to say about Dad is that he is a Champ!!!! Way to go Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all!! Signing off!!!

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