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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012
Leaving the house
Answers to Questions:
I like the suit! (Braden’s white tux) I am just trying to figure out who did Braden's hair! haha thanks! I read the part that said did you recognize becca before I saw the picture and I still did not recognize her at first! I thought to my self " who is the pretty girl trying to kiss Preston!"
Hmm I do not know (how long I can email) any more because he said an hour, but we just got another email from him today that said 60 minutes to 90, but my companion does not like to do email than an hour, so I will only have internet time for 1 hour, so yes that includes letter to president for right now. No he did not say anything (President about E. Thompson’s assignments). Just pray for him. (Elder Bordon) President Kretly really made it a point to me that I just really need to compliment him and try and do good things for him.
My companion is a really hard worker! He is 23, but he really does his best and is teaching me a lot. He gets really stressed very easily and he is just in a consistent struggle with himself. So manly just praying for him and pray for me so I can know how to help him.
4.) So we just found this family this past week!!! They are really awesome and are progressing really fast the husband and wife’s names are Agusto and Rosalina. They really enjoy the message and are doing really well. They have not accepted to be baptized yet, but hopefully they will this week. Also they are not married so we have to do that whole process. Also this week we had 11 investigators at church and the other companionship had 10!! Also we had 100 people at church!! A Lubango record!! It was really cool!!!
5.) No we do not get to watch it live (General Conference). What I have heard what happens is that the church has to send us a DVD of conference and then we get to watch part of it, but I am not really sure. Missionaries said that they watched conference about a month late last time.
6.) Yes we do have one I think it is in 3 weeks (Children’s Sacrament Meeting Program).
The only thing I can think of is a small Primary Hymnbook in Portugues! Also did you find that red and silver tie that josh and braden both took on their missions? Maybe that... I have not heard anything about my package, but I have not asked either.

Hey Pres!! How is it going man!!
It sounds like your Football team is sick!! I remember when I basketball team would swear sometimes it was really hard to hear all those bad words, but sometimes we have to be a good example and sometimes stand up for what we believe and other times we just need to learn to tune them out of our mind! Even here on the mission a lot of missionaries use words that ... lets just say that they would not be aloud in our house, and sometimes it is hard to not say those words and phrases when you are the only one! Sometimes it is hard, but we have to stand firm even when we stand alone!! 
Love you Bro!! I miss you a lot!! 
P.S. I call a rematch of 21 in a year and a half!!
Elder Tilley

(Rachel) I know we have a little DVD player, but I am not sure if I would be able to watch something one it that is not church approved, but if you sent something like that I could find a way to watch it. Doing better in the language! Thanks for you prayers!

Bec sorry this is so short I do not have a lot of time!
I hear that you are tearing it up on the basketball court!!! Keep up the great work!!! Keep working hard and doing your best and focusing on the things that matter (the things that you wish you would have done in 5 10 years!)
Love you Bec!!!
Elder Tilley

Logging off love you!!

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