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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012 (day late; didn’t say why, another missionary said there was not power because of their 1st rainstorm of the year)
Pic of me after playing soccer on Monday

So I saw the second picture first and I was going to say wow looks like Braden got to work pretty fast!! :) (It was a pic of Braden and Chelsy with baby Joy)
The first picture I thought Jacey was Jailey! What is the new babies name! ?

2.) We only had four or five investigators this week, which was a little bit expected. Our chapel is so small and last week it was so crowded it was crazy, so it is really hard to grow without a place to put new people, but Elder Violin is trying to find a new place, but even if he finds one the paper work and everything normally takes a really long time. We are still teaching them and hopefully we will have a baptismal date for them by the end of the week.

3.) Yes it is long and hard (to get married in Angola), but fortunately for Agusta and Rosalina is that they have more money then the average person here and they were planning on getting married a few months ago, but they had a lot of family problems on Agustos side of the family so they postponed it for a while, but they have pretty much everything in place to be married. So it should not take them a long time to get married once they have a really strong desire to be baptized.

Elder Violin actually broadcasted a little bit of the first session of conference so he invited us to watch it if we brought an investigator. So we heard the change about the 18 and 19 year only change!! Pretty crazy! My companion and I heard it and thought that it was a mistake by the translator, but we found out soon after that it wasn’t a mistake pretty cool!! I heard from someone else this morning that there would be another temple in Arizona but I did not know where! so that is pretty cool!! Here in a couple of years we will have 6 temples in Arizona!! How is the Gilbert Temple coming along!?

Thanks Dad for the Update! I got to watch a little bit of conference, but it sounds like it was a great conference like usual! Thanks for all that you do for the family! It seems like work is getting tougher and tougher with long hours and things like that, but I just wanted to thank you for all that you do for our Family!! Thank you so much!!
Elder Tilley

(Braden) Hey so I know that I said before I left that I wanted a "play by play" by I was thinking that now you are married that probably is not such a good idea:) I was only able to watch a little bit of conference only a couple of talks, so I will have to let you know when I see it, or maybe when I read it. Thanks Bro for the little pump up! It really does help me out thanks!

Mom, So I am doing well this last week was a little bit tougher then usual, but our area is really starting to grow and we are really excited.I  heard that another 2 people that I taught in Luanda are getting baptized here soon! I am really sad that I can not be there, but I am really excited for them!
Where are you at in the Book of Mormon. I am a little bit behind but I am in the middle of Second Nephi. Is anyone else doing it with us or is it just me and you?
If you could continue to keep us in you prayers health wise that would be great. I do not know what it is, but the missionaries here in Lubango have all gotten sick at least twice since they have been here except Elder Montgomery who has not gotten sick at all. We keep telling him that it is because the Lord gives missionaries a 6 month insurance health wise at the beginning of their mission and that it why he hasn’t gotten sick! So if you could keep us in your prayers that would be great!

So I got Braden's wedding invitation and those pictures of me and him! that was fun! I am not sure how long they have been in Luanda for did you send them a while ago?
So it seems like you guys feel like Angola/Africa is this crazy place where everyone just kind of suffers. Just want you to know that it really isn’t that bad to live here. It definitely is not the United States or anything but it is not crazy bad and you do not need to worry nor do any moms that you know that their sons get called here need to worry either. Yes sometimes it is hard sometimes but everyone gets used to it and it is all ok!

Has anyone gotten their mission call!? I definitely want to know where everyone that I know is going! Thanks!

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