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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Title of the video: Hey Mom sorry I forgot your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt forget!! :)

Just so you know this was only a five week long transfer. So transfers are this week and I am being transferred to Terra Nova and I am going to be a zone leader with Elder Mariquele (he is from Mozambique)
Yep I am excited! (about the transfer)I am really sad though because I really like Viana especially the branch! The members here are so great and the branch has grown so much! My first Sunday here I think we had 67 people at church and this past Sunday we had 119! It has been so much fun to work here in Viana it has been great! But it will be great to move on as well! No it is not far away, it is closer then Viana. Yes I will still see the Thompsons! Fortunately!
Yes he will train me to be a zone leader! We got here in Angola at the same time, but he is a transfer behind me because he was only in the MTC for 3 weeks. But we lived together in Lubango and in Cassquele!
(My Health) It has been about the same... I think I need to start eating a little bit healthier. It is just really hard to eat good food when you don’t always have energy and all the fruit can be bad sometimes!
Yes, (other missionaries will be in my apartment) but I am not completely sure who yet!
We are going to try and watch the priesthood session as a mission on Sunday. Then we are going to have to wait to watch the rest of the sessions!
She is coming along really well. Her name is Camila! Her nature is to be a little bit more relaxed, so sometimes that is a little bit hard to deal with, but it is going well. Her story is really cool though because at first she did not like us at all, and then she came to church one Sunday and she said she felt something that she had never felt in any other church! So she asked to sit with us!
Also Adilson got the priesthood this Sunday which was great, but he is in a sticky situation with school and he is probably going to have to go to Namibe (a city about 2 hours away from Luabngo) for school and the church is not established there yet and he will be there for about a year and a half. He tried to get transferred here to Luanda, but it was denied! We were praying for a miracle experience to happen so he could stay in Luanda where the church was and I had the thought to call a lady in Cassquele who works for the government and she pretty much can do anything (when Pres Thompson was waiting for his visa she went in and pretty much approved it for him) anyways so I called her and talked with her and it sounded like she could help so I gave her Adilsons number and they talked about it, but it just seems like Adilson is not trying very hard to stay here in Luanda. I am pretty sure that this was an answer to our prayers to call this lady from cassquele, but I guess you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink! (Frustrating principle sometimes!) So I think he might have to go to Namibe for a while.
We found one guy who’s name is Rodrigo! He is awesome! He is a very strong in his church! But he is so willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it!! We were reading the introduction with him and the he said that he really liked the part that said to ask God! He said he loved that because it did not say that we should ask a pastor or ask a religious person, but that we should ask God! He has not come to church yet, but hopefully this Sunday he will come!
(Our normal schedule): Wake up in the morning at 6:30 and get ready for the day and eat! Personal Study from 8-9, companion study from 9-10, then 10-11 language study. After that we try and make lunch and eat and then we go out for the day and teach knock doors and that kind of stuff. Then we come home at about 8 at night and have dinner and then plan and get ready for the night. Relax a little bit and then go to bed at 10;30, However on Wednesday we have district meeting which is about an hour and a half and then on Thursday we have weekly planning which is about 2-3 hours. So that is a normal day!
Counsel? (Recently I have been thinking about) some of the important things that we need to do and things we should not do when somebody makes a mistake! And I think some of the most important things are to LOVE THEM and to NOT JUDGE THEM. I remember when I was in Lubango we had a recent convert who started to break the law of chastity. We talked about it with him and then we talked with the branch president to figure things out. But during that whole process he felt like the church was kind of pushing him away. We did our best to love him and try and help him, but slowly he started to fall away. He ended up having to work on Sunday so he could not come to church and things like that! I do not think that we as missionaries or the ward gave him as much love as he needed to feel like he could repent and be forgiven and because of that as far as I no he is a less active member! The other part about judging is that (sometimes we judge) a lot of people without really trying to, (our weakness!) We know we should judge and try not to), but it was almost like second nature. At one point in my mission I was in a situation where I felt very judged by the people around me! I was doing the best I could, but I just felt like I was not good enough and I felt like others were judging me! As I went through that I thought wow being judged stinks!!!! It does not feel good and it does not help me in any way!! It just kind of makes me want to be worse! So from there I decided that I did not want to judge others because I really don’t know their circumstances and what they are going through and if I judge them it is only going to make it worse! This principle I felt was confirmed when I talked with My district leader and President Thompson. I told them some of the struggles I was going through and I did not feel one sense of judgmental feeling from them! They did not tear me down in anyway or think bad of me in any way! They just supported me told me my strengths and helped me to continue on!! I will be indebted to both those people for the love and help and they gave me!! to help me move on and continue to do better! 
Thanks mom for everything!!! I Love you so much!!!!!!
Elder Tilley

Love you guys!!
Logging off!

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