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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

(Our family has been playing a game by text/email…here are some of Elder Tilley’s answers…FYI… these are jokes if you didn’t already knowJ).

You know you’re a Tilley when you think you are good because you can score 20-30 points in a church ball game!
You know you’re a Tilley when you are not allowed to watch TV on Sunday . . . unless you are with Grandpa!
You know you’re a Tilley if you are married and have a kid and still live in Mom and Dads basement!

answers: Yes I am taking them, I forget sometimes but yes I am taking the herbs and drinking the green drink every once and a while but I am going to start drinking it more often!
Can you do me a favor?:) Can you take $350 out of my account and put into yours for EFY and then take $370 out of my account and put into Dad´s for the iphone and droid that I said I would pay for? Alright thanks!!! :) Love you

Just sent this to Preston
That is way awesome man!! Did you guys get any pictures!! I defiantly want to see you guys on the horses!! That would be awesome!
I will definitely be praying for you with Aims!
So Mom was telling me that you have a big hike coming up or something! That sounds way cool and fun! I remember that I was not able to go on a lot of hikes because of sports and things like that, but I wish I could have gone on more activities then I did. I know that it may seem kind of pointless for you, but there are other boys in your quorum that need your help and support! There are many boys in your quorum that do not have great parents like you do who care so much about you who are willing to get up at 5 AM to make you juice and have scripture study so that you are physically and spiritually healthy. There are many boys that need your help, that are not near as cool as you that need a friend and think how they would feel if Preston Tilley was their friend.
You are a strong leader and can help the other boys our in your quorum even if you are not the called leader you can be an example to them and help strengthen and build them up and be their friend and make them feel welcome and like! I know if may seem hard sometimes to be friends with people that are kind of “weird” I remember sometimes I fell into the trap of making fun of other quorum members because they were kind of weird! But this is not ok and not pleasing in the sight of Heavenly Father and a lot of times will push those people that are being made fun of and do not have friends out of the church.
This experience will definitely prepare you for your mission! In your mission you will probably be a trainer, district leader, Zone Leader, and maybe even an Assistant to the President. And in those positions sometimes you do not have a lot of friends, but you still have the responsibility to take care of those missionaries. These experiences now will help you and prepare you for your mission and life and so it is not pointless. I remember thinking before my mission "oh I will just learn that on my mission" which you will learn a lot on your mission but my thoughts about oh I can just learn it on my mission were wrong! The things that we do before our missions will greatly affect the type of missionary we are! So I would like to invite you to decide to go on the campout and try to make at least one new friend (could be more though) with one of the quorum members that may not have very many friends and help them and support them through out the campout and then afterwards continue to be his/their friend! What do you think?
Love you man I hope everything is going well!! Stay away from those girls!!!! I remember I started liking girls in JR High be really careful!!! (If you don’t like girls yet that is ok, probably better that way!!!!!!!!!)
Love you so much Bro and I hope you have a great week!!!!
Elder Tilley

5:59 (Dad)
Sounds like things are going well and the Lord is definitely blessing our family, which I am so grateful for! So when we Skype in a Month you are going to have to give a watered down version of what this new company is actually doing! Missionaries keep asking me what my plans are going to be after my mission and I tell them that I will probably finish school and then I want to get into a business with my Dad and then they ask what does your Dad and I say "UHHHHHH... I don’t really know:)

So could you teach me some about Repentance!
I have not done anything crazy bad in my life, but there are things that I would definitely consider sins, but at the time I did not really think about it, but now I think hmmm I definitely should have done something about it or told someone sorry or something like that and at this point I do not think I can really do anything about it. I am trying to not worry about it because I feel like it is just Satan trying to distract me, but if you could write something about that to me for next time that would be great!
Anyways love you tons thanks for being such a great father! Love you!!
Elder Tilley

Things are going pretty well! Every area has its own ups and downs. It is funny because I feel like during my trials I will have these little breaks were the trial will pass for a little bit, and during the trial part I think "wow this stinks and this is so hard" but then during the break I think" wow I am so grateful I went through that trial" Kind of interesting, but it is good!
How are you doing! Are you really embracing the Gospel and really praying and studying the scriptures? I hope so; some of the most happiness I have felt on my mission is when I have really dived into the scriptures and when I pray with all my heart!!
I love you bec!!
Sparly Buns Power!!

So our area and the branch is kind of suffering a little bit! It seems like this branch is kind of suffocating a little bit! So we are going to try and work with the branch and help them out!

Sorry I did not write a lot about the area, but I will try say more next time.
In the package can you send envelopes, one more pare of those insoles (not the hard ones you sent just the normal floppy ones? I think that is all I need!
Thanks so much!!! love you!!!!!
Logging off
Love Elder Tilley

(Dad)I forgot to say Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was not able to print out the two emails so could you send them in the package too! I could watch the video of Jailey but I could not hear anything :) I might be able to next week!
Love you again!!
logging off again :)
Elder Tilley

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