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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Me using Elder Mariquels glasses just for fun

Here are letters I sent Grandma and Grandpa:
Thanks for writing me! Thanks for the update and for the support! I love you and Grandpa so much! I hope that things continue to go well!!
Thinking of you as well!
Love Elder Tilley

Hey Gramps!
So it has been a while since I have written you. So a couple of weeks ago was General Conference and we were able to watch the Priesthood Session here which was great! President Monson told a story of a boy who served a mission in Australia, but before he left he was really nervous and concerned about his father because he was not a member of the church, so President Monson told him to write to his family every week and every once in a while a personal letter to his Dad. So the boy went out on his mission and did that for two years without missing a week, just before this boys mission was over his father stood up during a church meeting and said that he had made the decision to be baptized (which was a surprise to many including President Monson) and he said that he would travel to Australia at the end of his sons mission to be his Sons last baptism as a full time missionary! 
As I heard that story I felt the Spirit tell me that I should start to write you more often! So what do you say I will write you more often and then you can fly out here to Africa and I will Baptize you! :) Is it a deal? ;) Haha I am just kidding!! But I did feel like I should write you more and tell you of my experiences and show my love to you! Because I really do love you alot! You have played a big role in my life and I am in part the person I am today because of you! Thank you so much for the lessons that you have taught me and for the way you raised my mother! She is an angel to me and I thank you for the way you raised her!
I love you Gramps I hope you have a great week!
Elder Tilley

I remember once I walked up to Mrs Zimmerman to ask her a question and instead of calling her Mrs Z I called her Grandma without noticing until after I said it! In stead of getting mad at me she just laughed and thought that it was pretty hilarious! Thanks Mrs Z for teaching me to not get mad and just thinking it is funny when people call you things that could be offensive!  (Side note... here on my mission in Africa we get called all sorts of names!!!)
Our branch is kind of suffering here. We are working with them and trying to make sure all of the meetings and everything that needs to happen, happen. This next couple of weeks our district (six missionaries and we are all in the same branch) we are going to study more in the Church manuals to see exactly what all the leaders for each group need to be doing and then we are going to organized with the branch and have a training meeting for the leaders and the members. Elder Mariquele and I are over the Young Men and Young Women so that should be fun! 
We have several investigators the problem with this area though is that very few progress!! We have one family though that will be baptized here soon. The fathers name is Lourenco and the Mothers name is Veronica; they are just waiting on some money from some one so that they can get married, but they have several kids and I think we will baptize their two boys Gideao and Adelino before the parents though. Lourenco is pretty much a member though he is already doing Home Teaching and kind of dragging is companion along, which to get anyone here besides the leaders to do Home Teaching is just a miracle so it shows a lot about him!
Regarding the new Missionary Counsels: Basically there is not a whole big difference; they are just going to have Sister Missionaries that are involved a little bit more in leadership. Basically it will be the same except that Sister Missionaries will be apart of the Zone Leader Training Meeting, but since we have no Sister Missionaries it is the same for us!
I will try to send more pictures next week
Yes I was (able to print out the quotes). Thank you!
In the next package you send, could you send some of that maple syrup sweetener stuff, Just the little bottle of stuff to make maple syrup!?

The only thing I got for you is to listen to Mom and Dad! I promise you that you will see how great they are probably when you are a little bit older if you can not already see it and they know a lot more then we do!! Pray for me this week Elder Mariqule and I are giving a training to our Zone! So that should be good with the Help of the Lord!
Love you 
Sparkly Buns Power!!
Elder Tilley

Thanks Dad that helps alot... So another quick question for you, so then what is the difference between trying to repent and do better and then being worthy! IF we are in Sin are we still worthy to enter the temple and baptize and things like that!

Love you hope you get better!

I Love you mom signing out!!
Love you

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