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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013
(Kathy Ryan) and another couple of Christian ladies are here in Africa because their husbands are working here so they go to the orphanage once a week and help out. So we were their last Monday. This was the same orphanage that we went to for Christmas... not much to tell just went there to kind of play with the kids and teach them a little bit of English!
We got to watch the Priesthood session last night! Elder Uchtdorf answered exactly one of my questions and concerns I had, which was a great blessing!
I am not quite sure how (Camilla) is doing, but apparently Elizabeth (Inacios wife) went to church on Sunday for the first time and it was testimony meeting so apparently that was really good!!
(Adilson) just said  "it is complicated" (typical Angola excuse :) about his school
I am not sure... I do not think (Rodrigo went to church)
(My language) is good, definitely still learning... I will definitely become more fluent the next few months!
(Zone leader responsibilities) As of right now, not a whole lot... we are in charge of getting and delivering the mail and we are also in charge of getting water into the baptismal font when we have several baptisms in our zone. (Actually harder then you think :) We had to cancel the baptisms this past week because of water issues. I am not exactly sure what the issue was, but hopefully we can figure it out this week
Elder Chatwin and I got along well... he is a blue:) (which most of my companions have been) and so it was hard sometimes just to stop and listen to him express his feelings about stuff even when I did not really want to. I think that is one thing the Lord really wants me to learn on my mission is leaning how to really listen to people even when I do not really want to. I remember one time in (another area) we started companion study and (my companion) started talking about his life and how he was feeling (not necessary anything between us just about life in general) and things like that (which was a typical thing for him) and when he started I remember thinking "oh great here we go again!" However just after I had that thought come into my mind another thought followed that I felt was from the Spirit that said " Listen!" It was not really a voice that I heard or anything, but it was more of a feeling that was quiet, but got my attention. I then did my best to put my pride down and really listen to what he was saying and it was a really good experience. But Elder Chatwin is a really good missionary! Really hard worker. In an interview I had with President Thompson he described Elder Chatwin as a missionary who wants to go conquer the whole world! It was really funny because we would come out of a lesson that the spirit was very strong or where someone would accept a baptismal date and he would just kind of freak out and say " That was sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was kind of funny.
That is funny you mentioned about his pictures! :) we will be friends after our mission.
My new companion is great! He is a really good missionary! The area as well as the branch is struggling a little bit, but we just found a new family that this in our same apartment complex which was a miracle! We wanted to knock a few doors where we lived so we went down a few floors and knocked a couple of doors and then we went down to the second floor and Elder Mariquele said I think we should not this door. We knocked it and a lady answered we told her we had a message about Jesus Christ and she said "well would you like to come in?”:) So we went in and the husband was on the coach asleep but she woke him up and invited him over. He asked what the name of the church was and said oh I knew some guys like you in Portugal, but it was a different church. We asked what church was in and he said the Mormons! We then said well that is us! We ended up teaching a part of the Restoration, but not the entire thing, but they said they really like the lesson and the husband at the end of the lesson said "I actually really like this lesson and I want you guys to come back! " We left their house and Elder Mariquele and I just looked at each other and thought "What the freak just happened!"
We had another experience like that the other day too. We were in the street and I think all of our lessons had fallen through and Elder Mariquele said, “well shall we follow the promptings of the Spirit and have him lead us to find someone?” I said sure... he then said well do you want to start and I will follow you to a door or should I start. I told him I would go first. So I just start walking and I felt like I should knock a door. So we did and a teenage boy answered it. We talked a little bit and then marked a time for the next day to come back and teach him. We returned and taught him part of the restoration and the sprit was defiantly present and so we pointed it out to him and at the end of the lesson he said " I like the lesson alot! " These are just a few experiences that I had this week!
(I live) in the city, but kind of in the slums of the city, a little bit more like my first area, but a little bit worse... but just so you know we are probably in one of the best apartments in the mission. Really nice apartment we pretty much always have energy and pretty much always have water. The best part of our house... warm showers!!!!!!!!!! Those I am pretty sure the best things on the planet ( I do not think I will take for granted a warm shower again!!!!!!!!! :)
(If you could send me) conference quotes would be good... those ..”you know you are a Tilley if “ would be fun to read:)
Ok I will think of some... You know you are a Tilley when you think you are good because you can score 20-30 points in a church ball game!

How did you like conference! We were able to watch the Priesthood Session yesterday and I felt the spirit so strongly during it! I thought to myself wow these men really are Prophets and Apostles of God!! They really are!! One part that really stuck me was that I had a concern about something, but I did not really know what my concern was, I thought I knew what it was, but apparently I did not. I listened to Pres Uchtdorfs talk and he basically defined and answered my concern that I myself was not completely sure about! I love you so much bec! I hope you have a spiritual filled week! Love you
Elder Tilley
Sparkly Buns Power

I do not have much time! But those Tilley quotes were really funny. I will try and think of some this week! Love you Little Bro! Elder Tilley

ok love you logging off

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