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A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

A Mission Region of the Mozambique Maputo Mission

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Answers to questions:
1.) I can’t think of anything else (I need sent) for right now!
2.) Yeah I am still taking my vitamins . .
3.)Yep I am getting the pictures you send thank you so much! Please keep sending them! Sorry I have not sent a lot of pictures it just has been difficult lately!
Have you saved all the pictures and videos I have sent home? (The pump up videos I sent for Bec for her basketball tournament?)
Did you get to talk with Grandpa? What did he say?
Tell Sherilyn and everyone else there I said Hi!! And that I love them!!!
So what is up with Bec? She didn’t respond to my letter this week … do you think that she wants or will go to BYU or no?
4.) We have videos we watched called the district, but if they are new videos then no I have not seen them yet. The only internet time we get is on Monday when I write you guys and spend it all reading and writing.
5.) So we have had several Miracle experiences the past week or two. We are teaching this 20 year old named Ivandro. He has been doing really but has had a problem with the word of wisdom, he said that he felt like he needed some extra help from God, so we first gave him some tips about how to do better and then we said we could give him a blessing. So we gave him one and the spirit was very strong and afterwards he said " I feel so good right now" and he tried to describe how he was feeling, but he couldn’t. And then he said that he was shown what he needed to do to be able to stop! The spirit was very strong!
Then the other day we went to his house and we were planning on going to a family night, but he was babysitting so he could not go so we just taught him in his house. So we came up with something really quick and so we decided to read 3 Nephi 11 with him and we read about how everyone one by one came and felt the marks in his hands. When we talked about that I felt we should do an activity that Sister Brinkerhoff did with us in Seminary... So I told him to close his eyes and I told him to imagine if he were in the crowd and he had the opportunity to walk up and touch the savior and feel the prints in his hands and his feet. I told him to imagine what it would feel like and then I told him to imagine if he had just a little bit to talk with him personally. What would He say? What things would He tell you to do better? Then right before you left and He grabs you and gives you a hug and says "I love you!" When we did this activity the spirit was sooo strong! And we just sat their for a while thinking for awhile! The spirit was really really strong!! It was incredible!! Afterwards he gave the closing prayer and he really just poured his soul out to God and asked to be forgiven for the things he has done! The spirit once again was really strong! It was a really good spirit filled lesson.
I cannot tell you how similar Ivandro is to me! Very similar strengths, very similar weaknesses! I have had almost the exact same concerns or doubts or questions that he has! Every time we pass by he reminds me more and more of myself, which has been good because I have been able to give him a lot of advice and examples of things I have done in my life and I feel like it has helped him a lot! He is still having a little bit of trouble overcoming smoking so please keep him in your prayers!
Love you Mom!
Love your son!
Elder Tilley

(This is a letter written to President Merrill I thought you would like to read)
President Merrill,
            We are very excited that you and Sister Merrill have arrived here safely! I hope that everything goes well with your luggage though and that you are able to get it here!!
This past week we had a Miracle experience where we were in a taxi and their was a lot of traffic so we ended up getting out a little bit early and just started to walk instead and then we ended up crossing the street. As we were walking, this lady on the other side of the street called to us and so we walked over and she said "voces sao Mormons" we responded that we were and when we did she put her hands to her face and started to cry! She told us that she was baptized in Texas 4 years ago, but then came back to Angola and could not find the church for 2 years!! She came to church on Sunday and she was so happy it was a great Miracle experience that we had!!

Well I hope that your first week here is going well and we are excited for the Mission conference this week!!

P.S. I hear that you are a U of A fan! I feel that we might have some future conflicts because of this! 
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Sun Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Dad…Does a Ferrari come with his offer to work with him? :)
haha jk!!
Love you guys
logging off!!

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